Posted: March 12th, 2023

intro to social work.

1)post a 2- to 3-minute video introducing yourself to the class. Please include:

Your name

Your location and time zone

Any related social work experience

What you would like to do or what types of clients you would like to work with in your future career

2)For this Discussion, you familiarize yourself with the variety of resources offered by Walden University, and you support each other in considering how services might be used throughout your program of study. Before starting your post, view the Discussion Writing Guide in the Learning Resources.

                                    learning resources

Segal, E. A., Gerdes, K. E., & Steiner, S. (2019). An introduction to the profession of social work: Becoming a change agent (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

Chapter 1, “What Is Social Work?”

Handout: Discussion Writing Guide  Download Discussion Writing Guide(Word Document)

Walden University Academic Skills CenterLinks to an external site.. (2015a). Retrieved from

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Document: Bachelor of Social Work Student Handbook Download Bachelor of Social Work Student Handbook(PDF)

Post your plan for how to be successful in an online BSW program.

Identify two to three specific resources at Walden University by providing URLs to web pages and briefly describing the content or service.

Explain how you will use the resource(s).

Finally, identify one to two struggles you might experience.

Respond to two colleagues:

  • Recommend a specific service and/or resource to help your colleagues address the struggle they identified.
  • Explain how they could use this resource.

· Recommend a specific service and/or resource to help your colleagues address the struggle they identified.

· Explain how they could use this resource.

Reply 1

Starting in a major that focus in on areas that I'm most passionate about is rewarding. Plans to become more successful as an online BSW student, I will take full advantage of all of the resources supported.


One of the core reasons I chose Walden is the support given to their students. The resources are unlimited and resourceful. One of the resources that I've decided to use is the Grammarly software which is part of the Walden's Writing Center. (Walden

 University Writing

 2015f).  This software helps the writer in making edits, corrections, and grammar usage while presenting a typed document. For my first class here at Walden, I was introduced to Grammarly, which helped me gain more confidence in writing understandable papers. Another resource I will use more than ever is "An Introduction to the Profession of Social Work" book. (Segal, E. A., Gerdes, K. E., & Steiner, S. 2019).  Before looking into the other resources, I read Chapter 1. This chapter has given me a clear idea of what a social worker is and does. I have read the degrees that can also be pursued while obtaining a BSW degree, in which, once I complete my bachelor's, I will pursue my Master's. This book will inspire me more to help become a social worker and apply the practices to my nonprofit organization as a future social worker. Also, this book will be a read to add to my book collection, especially for my downtime. During the program, I may experience the struggle of being over-expressive pertaining to certain subjects that we will cover in this term. I am deeply passionate about social change.  

Work Cited:

· Segal, E. A., Gerdes, K. E., & Steiner, S. (2019).  An introduction to the profession of social work: Becoming a change agent (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.  Chapter 1, “What Is Social Work?”


Walden University Writing CenterLinks to an external site.

. (2015f). Retrieved from

Reply 2

    Success at Walden will require grit and determination, focus, motivation, and organization, all aspects of a positive mindset. Dweck (2006) coined the term and defined the concept of a Growth Mindset. A growth mindset focuses on the process of learning, emphasizing effort as more critical to growth than ability and viewing failures as challenges to overcome and opportunities for more growth. I will focus on time management and organization for my educational journey. I intend to start  large tasks early and allow plenty of time and space to complete my work. I will make sure to track due dates on a calendar and set notifications on my phone and computer to remind me ahead of time to complete my assignments, post to discussion boards, and respond to my classmates. I will gather resources from Walden and elsewhere to give myself a comprehensive menu of options for assistance. 

          One resource I plan to utilize is the Walden Writing Center, particularly the section on “

APA Style Overview”Links to an external site.

 (2022) I recognize that I am somewhat rusty at using APA format, and the guides and tutorials in the writing center, along with practice, will help me brush up my skills. The Writing Center offers tutorial videos and a webinar on APA formatting and citation. There are also writing templates and paper-reviewing services. The Writing Center will be invaluable for polishing my assignments.

          Another resource I will implement is Walden’s “

Mindset and WellnessLinks to an external site.

” (2022) section of the Academic Skills Center.  Proactive self-care, setting smart goals, and focusing on maintaining my mindset will keep me on track. This section of the Academic Skills Center provides several tools, including blogs, videos, and goal-setting templates. I will return to this resource when I feel overwhelmed or need support or guidance. 

          One struggle I have is with communicating with others. I am an introvert by nature, and it will be challenging to reach out to others when needing help from an actual living human being. Another obstacle I have is consistency in my work schedule. I work at a residential treatment facility, and my shifts often change daily. I am often called in unexpectedly or must stay late due to incidents requiring timely paperwork or emergency situations. 

           I look forward to your responses and advice. I know that collaboration with each other will ensure we all thrive!



Academic guides: Academic skills center: Mindset and Wellness. (2022).

Dweck, C. S. (2006).  Mindset: The new psychology of success. Random House.

Walden University writing center: APA style overview. (2022).

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