Posted: August 3rd, 2022

IT Policy Portfolio


Forthis task, you will research IT Policy Management and standards for
IT Policy creation, formulation, and management. Many organizations
list this information and their procedures publicly on their websites.

Then, assume you are CIO of a growing organization where each
department has historically created their own policies and stored them
locally in their own department. There has been no standard formatting
or procedures for the management of policies. Due to the inconsistent
nature of this process, there have been problems. In some cases, users
are not sure what requires the creation of a policy and what does
not. It may be helpful to pick a real organization with which you are

You are leading a task force charged with the creation of a framework
for the creation, storage, approval, modification, and removal of policies
in a repository. Your responsibility, as CIO and the person with the
most policy experience, is also to represent Policy Management for the
entire IT group. After researching other organization’s IT Policy
Management, create your own framework for IT policy management to
include the following:

1. Identify a new process for creating, storing, approving, modifying,
and retiring policies in the new repository.

2. Include a diagram or flowchart of the process in the appendix,
similar to Figure 3 (below). Do not use this figure.

3. Consider who will have oversight, who will need to be involved in
the process, and who are the stakeholders. Remember that when
designating accountable resources, only mention the role or job
title, not incumbents (no names).

4. Determine how and when communication will occur.
5. Explain how legal, ethical, and regulatory concerns will be

6. Describe how the policies will be stored and published for viewing

by employees or the public, as appropriate.
7. Identify any other information you deem pertinent to your


Remember, you are formulating a plan to address a real-world
issue. You are not writing an essay. This information should be written
from a real-world professional perspective and not an academic
perspective. You should use theories and academic concepts to inform
your writing, but your focus should be on your solution and on the
application of academic concepts in the real world.

Length: 5-6 pages, not including title page and references or appendix

References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources.

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