Posted: August 4th, 2022

ITCO331 – Unit 1 Individual Project

Your first task is to download and install SQL Server 2008, Express Edition. Once that is installed, set up the Northwind database, which will be used throughout the class.

Complete the following tasks:

•.Download and install SQL Server 2008, Express Edition.


Refer to Appendix A of the textbook.

•.Open and run the attached script to create the Northwind database.

•                           To download the script, click



•.Create the following tables in the Northwind database:



•.Alter the Employee table to establish a foreign key between Employees and Departments.

•                           Employees.DepartmentID references Departments.DepartmentID

•.Alter the Territories table to establish a foreign key between Territories and Regions.

•                           Territories.RegionID references Regions.RegionID

•.Update the data in the Employees table so that employees with the following managers are listed as working in the following departments:



•.Andrew Fuller


•.Steven Buchanan


•.All Others



Submit the SQL, DDL, and DML scripts needed to complete tasks 2–8 and a database diagram of the final database.

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