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Journal entry

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Journal Entry Week 10

Adrienne Thomas

Walden University


May 1, 2020

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NURS 6531 Practicum Reflective Journal

Student Name: Adrienne Thomas

E-mail Address:

Practicum Placement Agency’s Name: SAH Medical Consulting, Inc.

Preceptor’s Name: Dr. Ahmed Heshmet

Preceptor’s Telephone: 240-912-6025

Preceptor’s E-mail Address:

Journal Entry Week 10

In week one, I based my foundation on Imogene King and Virginia Henderson’s theories

of goal attainment and wholesome care for the patient (Ahtisham and Jacoline, 2015). After

building a foundation and laying out my goals I found myself following the theory of health

promotion laid out by Nola Pender. The Health Promotion Model (HPM) was built based on the

five key concepts Pender believed could improve the quality of a patient’s life (Angelo Antonielli

Ribeiro Farias et el., 2019). These five concepts consist of analyzing and considering all aspects

of the person, environment, nursing, health and illness (Angelo Antonielli Ribeiro Farias et el.,

2019). The goal of the HPM model is to incorporate a patient’s presenting symptoms, their

lifestyle and behavior and provide them with knowledge on prevention and management of

diseases they may be at risk for or have (Khodaveisi, Omidi, Farokhi and Soltanian, 2017). When

caring for my patients, I made sure to build a rapport with them, meet their needs and educate

them on current risks their lifestyle posed as well as answer any questions they may have

regarding the current Covid-19 epidemic. Building a foundation instilled trust with my patient

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and discussing proper precautions to take amid the current epidemic helped relieve a lot of

anxiety many patients have been dealing with lately.

Clinical Synthesis and Growth

I have learned many fundamental objectives and achieved goals set forth in week one

throughout my time in practicum. They are as follows:

1. I have learned the importance of coming into the patient’s room with an idea of what their

problem is and the plan for how to help them. Looking at their history and symptoms, my

preceptor would help talk me through possibilities and allow me to come to a decision

that is evidence-based prior to presenting my ideas to the patient. I am still learning, but I

feel like I have improved and built confidence in this area over the course.

2. I have learned how to analyze lab work and what to look for that could need further

follow up versus what could just require diet changes and follow up in a couple months.

3. I have learned the most common treatment regimens that present in primary care from

diagnosis to treatment and follow up. I have also learned when it may be necessary to

refer out to other specialties to provide the patient with quality care.

4. I have learned the pharmacological process behind common treatment regimens, but feel

I still need to work on the various aspects in which you would not give certain

medications and the interactions behind different medications.

5. I am still learning to effectively assess the patient head to toe and incorporate all their

health history, objective and subjective data necessary to formulate a plan of care with

them. I have greatly improved in this area over the course but could use more practice.

6. I have learned to appropriately formulate a plan of care prior to discussing with the

patient and present the information to my preceptor with confidence. This has allowed me
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to present my thoughts and plan to the patient without hesitation as well as prepared me

to answer questions that may arise without hesitation.

Over the course of the practicum, I have grown as an advanced practice provider

immensely but feel I still have an abundance of knowledge to gain and room for growth. I

plan to continue my growth by utilizing foundations given by theorists and utilizing

evidence-based practice.

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Ahtisham, Y., & Jacoline, S. (2015). Integrating Nursing Theory and Process into Practice;

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Khodaveisi, M., Omidi, A., Farokhi, S., & Soltanian, A. R. (2017). The Effect of Pender’s Health

Promotion Model in Improving the Nutritional Behavior of Overweight and Obese

Women. International Journal of Community Based Nursing & Midwifery, 5(2), 165–


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