Posted: August 23rd, 2021

Knowledge management adopted(if not why) in Information Technology workplace settings

 How have you seen Langer’s(see attachment) section on Knowledge Management (p. 116-120) adopted (or not) in a workplace setting?
  – You can share success stories where your organization used effective knowledge management principles, or “horror” stories where they did not and it caused problems.
  – Please write personally and originally.  This is where “parroting” Langer or another source, in other words, will not be sufficient.
  – Please do not mention any study, article, or outside research.  Simply discuss your experience at work and what you observed.
Note: The first post should be made by Thursday 11:59 p.m., EDT. I am looking for active engagement in the discussion.  Please engage early and often.

Part1: 250 words of the answer to the question
Part2: Two 50 words of replies to similar posts that will be posted after receiving part 1 from you.

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