Posted: August 23rd, 2021

Leveraging Big data


Your task is to analyze the case study based on your research and conclusions regarding predictive modeling. 

Begin by reading Big Data Use Cases: How PayPal leverages Big Data Analytics by DeZyre (here is the link

Some questions to consider as you research and analyze the case study are listed below.

  1. How do you see your personal shopping and online browsing history being used for predictive analytics? 
  2. 2. Is it just an inevitable part of our society’s technology today or should it be restricted? 
  3. 3. Do you see an ethical dilemma based on consumer privacy? 

4. In your report, be sure to address the effects predictive modeling for data collection and analytics are having on our society, economy, privacy, etc.

This case study discusses the use of predictive modeling to assess consumer buying habits based on their location, shopping preferences and internet browsing history. This assignment is designed to make you think critically about the future of data analysis and predictive modeling and issues that may arise (or have already arisen) with this data collection method. 


and turnitin report

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