Posted: October 9th, 2021

Literature Review

Your task is to write a literature review on one topic relating to Business Teamwork and Collaboration.  
Suggested topics include but are not limited to:

Effective Communication (in person, online, across multiple locations and diverse teams)
Motivation & Engagement 
Emotional Intelligence and Growth Mindset in the Workplace
Cultural Intelligence (culture, gender, diversity)
Working across generations and diverse teams
Managing Diverse Teams, including talent management
Conflict Management

When seeking to understand the literature, you should be looking to cultivate a broad understanding of the range of approaches taken to a given topic. Your first step is to read broadly in order to understand the perspectives, debates, and key concepts within the area you have selected, taking notes as you go and constantly considering how the ideas and perspectives fit together.
Once you have a sense of the field as a whole, select 5 to 7 of the most pertinent, or important examples within the field, and then write a literature review which both provides very brief summaries of their main findings as well as synthesises how they interact.
While you will focus on those 5 to 7 articles, you should plan to read about 3 to 4 times that many along the way, and you should refer to those other sources in your text. For example, consider: who these authors are responding to?; what are they seeking to prove/disprove? 
The end product should summarise the literature with broad strokes. Your authorial voice should be strong and directive. 
Length: Total: 1,000 words (±10%) not including appendix and references

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