Posted: June 19th, 2022

Literature Review (KA) ((NEED DONE BY THIS EVENING))

Write a literature review of 750-1000 words using the sources from your Annotated Bibliography (minimum of five sources, including at least two articles from academic journals). Format your literature review according to your respective style guide. Submit your literature review here.
Annotated Bibliography
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Annotated Bibliography
Briffaut,J. (2015). System approach to business operations and information engineering.E-Enabled Operations Management, 1-11.
The system approach is applied in business operations and information engineering to understand complex designs by decomposing them into substances that have explicit capabilities and cooperate with each other. Today, when a specific unit is represented as a frame, the design is meant to guide its business mission. Briffaut (2015) notes that distinction must be made between three substances, such as a controlled framework, a control framework, and an Information Sytem (IS). This introductory section of this article poses an understanding of the elements of a framework for dealing with business performance. In the case of large frames, some of the required data about the business environment behavior of the system is only accessed after the frame is assigned. According to Briffaut (2015), business data system contains an image of the organization’s hierarchical design, job components, and expectations. The Exchange Processing Framework is the main office of the MIS. Inflows and outflows must be recorded by IS so that the final stock for each material is known every second.
Gardiner,D., & Reefke,H. (2019). Operations management for business excellence.
All organizations seek to achieve greatness in today’s innovation-driven climate where customers need a one-click agreement. This highly regarded read provides internal and external integration of standard whiteboard storage tasks and networks, and describes how processes are configured, implemented, and managed to the appropriate advantage. This article offers an excellent combination of theoretical and practice with a fundamentally results-oriented approach. Briffaut (2015) has been updated to reflect significant advances and future models in executive production networks. Other sections on innovative ideas for production networks cover coordinated new factors, innovation, data frameworks, customer proximity, manageability, and the use of multiple transaction channels. As a conversational level, future model studies include self-driving vehicles, mechanization and mechanical technology, and omni-channel retail (Briffaut, 2015). Completely comprehensive and with a focus on the mundane, this article aims to be central to avant-garde undergraduate and graduate programs on the task of managers and onboard production networks. It will also be of interest to executives who want to understand how to achieve and follow the “greatness” of a business.
Gardiner,D., & Reefke,H. (2019). Applying lean thinking to operations.Operations Management for Business Excellence, 148-188.
Lean reasoning applies lean ideas to all business tasks. Early displays showed a frugal performance at Chelsea Sugar to show that it was natural to ignore clear improvement opportunities. This article begins with a discussion of the historical background of austerity, lean standards, and Toyota’s pathway to being protected at a higher level by extending climate education beyond industrial factories to the rest of the association (Gardiner & Reefke, 2019). It examines seven wastes, including overproduction, breaks, transportation, inventory transport, movement, deformation, and processing and flow planning steps, providing an integrated picture of how an item moves through all stages of manufacture. The idea for Lean Creation was developed by Toyota’s production system, so it is not hard to assume that the strong arguments favor manufacturing organizations over support groups (Gardiner & Reefke, 2019). However, administrative conditions can benefit from direct use of ideas for coherent thinking. Many governments today suspect they are weak, even though they may not accept those words. The unit checks the measured cycle control and averages and ranges to decide if the cycle is responsible and this implies giving results within a predetermined range. An attempt was made to exceed the reached flag, verifying the cause. The ability of a control sketch is to show the possible causes of various causes.
Hemmer,T., & Labro,E. (2017). Management accounting and operations management.The Routledge Companion to Production and Operations Management, 345-359.
The article outlines the benefits of learning to learn the ins and outs of multipoint operations management, particularly through the inclusion of accounting, performance appraisals, and motivational points. Hemmer & Labro (2017) explores the open doors for interdisciplinary engagement in both scientific operational management and accounting writing. Accounting focuses on working with accounting data in assessing, assessing and anticipating corporate and individual exposures. In addition, financial accounting pays attention to the work of these data to work in an external direction, such as selection of loans by banks and exchange decisions by members of the money market (Hemmer & Labro, 2017). Accounting on board, in turn, focuses on processing accounting data in the company. This article further discusses the importance of thinking about motivation and performance evaluation in operational management. Taking the opposite view, it examines how task assignments affect what Accounts can and cannot score.
Sambhanthan,A. (2019). Business sustainability indices.Advanced Methodologies and Technologies in Business Operations and Management, 200-211.
Organizations work reliably on new tasks, elements and work processes to stay serious and useful in an advanced business climate. To stay energetic, organizations must use the best human resource techniques and tools, be at the forefront of design, and generally apply field-tested strategies, as applicants also strive to win (Sambhanthan, 2019). High-level methods and technologies in business operations and management provide new research on business tools such as employee engagement, pay strategies, and monetary financial planning to improve performance. While describing the challenges that associations face today, consumers will understand how corporate social responsibility and the use of human-made thinking affect the way organizations and managers live their lives (Sambhanthan, 2019). This article is an excellent resource for executives and directors, scientists, accountants, and financial advocates looking for inspiration to explore business and board issues.

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