Posted: March 12th, 2023


sales and marketing

These are all my discussions questions for this week 30 to 150 words in length but, can be longer.


Conducting Interviews

For this discussion, post at least two interview questions you like to ask (if in a position which requires you to interview others). If you are not in a position that requires you to interview others, develop and post at least two questions that you believe would be good questions to ask candidates interviewing for the position you hold now or for one you have held in the past.

After you have posted your questions, reply as if you are the interviewee to some of the questions posted by your peers. Try to pick questions to which others have not yet responded.

Ideally, you will walk away from this discussion with a list of interview questions you can use in the future or for practice.

Keep these guidelines in mind as you develop your questions:

· Do not post any question that is not related to work. For example, “What do you like to do outside of work?”

· Do not ask close-ended questions. A close-ended question is one which can be answered in a single word. For example, “Do you like to work in teams?” This type of question is easily answered with a “yes” or “no.” An improvement to this could be “Could you describe a time when you were part of a team?”

· Do not ask typical surface-level questions. For example, “Please tell me some of your strengths or weaknesses.”

Marketing and Sales

The Evolution of Sales

Over the years, business and society overall have seen changes that have significantly affected the sales profession. This week, please share your thoughts related to technologically based changes or the increased emphasis on establishing an ongoing relationship with a customer, rather than simply making a sale. Here are some ideas to get you started:

· Share your thoughts related to trends that impact sales and how businesses will attract current and future target markets. Post examples of companies applying these trends.

· Share examples of companies who rely on a sales team and discuss ideas on how they will need to react to changes and trends to keep their staff happy and productive.

· What about this week’s content did you find to be of most interest to your professional development and/or academic journey?

Financial Planning

Data Visualizations for Professional Audiences Topic Title/ Interest and Principal

Please select one of the topics below and respond to at least ONE of the questions that follows.

Topic 1: Data Visualizations for Professional Audiences

Knowing how to use technology effectively to present financial information to professional audiences is a key employability skill that you will likely use many times throughout your career. When creating visualizations, it is critical to ask yourself questions such as:

· Who is my audience?

· What do they need to understand from the visualizations?

· How can I best communicate the needed information to my audience?

For this discussion, research one of the monthly

Financial Reports

from the City of Tacoma. City of Tacoma. (n.d.). Financial reports.

? pageId=7559

Financial reports are commonly found on city government websites. You should see items such as Yearly Budget, YTD Projection, YTD Actual, and YTD Variance for both Revenues and Expenditures at the top of the report. You should also see Revenues over Expenditures Variance (Fund Balance) for these categories.

For this discussion, complete the following: Use Excel or another tool to create a graph that shows YTD Projection, YTD Actual, and YTD Variance for one of Revenues, Expenditures, or Revenues over Expenditures Variance (Fund Balance). If you use a tool other than Excel, make sure that your file is a common format, so it is easily accessible. Attach your file to your discussion post. Begin a conversation, and engage in ONE of the following:

· Explain the key financial information that your graph communicates.

· Discuss why your graph communicates key financial information effectively.

Topic 2: Interest and Principal

As we have discussed, to ensure lifetime financial security, your money must work for you, and you must understand the calculations you’ll use to plan and track your financial progress. For this discussion, we’ll address compound growth, a powerful concept you can use to reach your financial goals. You will also learn how to calculate interest, which will help you better understand the benefits of saving and investing, as well as the cost of borrowing money.

Begin a conversation about the following:

· Describe what interest is in relation to principal and the types of interest you might generate on a savings account.


· What type of accounts generate interest versus compound growth.

· What are the risks and returns of compound interest.

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