Posted: August 3rd, 2022




. After watching the film “A Death of One’s Own,” do this assignment. It is a long film, so if you need to do your original post a day or two late this is fine. (Just post your original responses no later than Saturday for full credit.) Choose one person to focus on for your post and then answer the following questions:


1. Describe the wishes of the person you choose to discuss. Would these wishes be described as passive/active, voluntary/nonvoluntary/involuntary, euthanasia/physician assisted death/other? Address all of these distinctions.

2. Describe the way the person did, in fact, end up dying. Was it passive/active, voluntary/nonvoluntary/involuntary, euthanasia/PAD/other? Explain your reasoning.

3. Would you support the right to choose as this person wished in this situation? That is, do you think this person should have a legal right to make such a choice according to his/her desires in the situation? (Remember that this is not the same as asking if you agree with the person’s wish or choice.) Explain your reasoning about whether or not someone should have a legal right to make such a choice. Try to reference our reading by the philosophers in this part.

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