Posted: June 11th, 2022


Hi there,
Kindly read the uploaded file.
This is your midterm exam (remember there will be no final. After this the main focus will be your research project). You will write on 4 of the questions below. Your answers probably don’t need to be more than a page double spaced for each question. You will submit your answers online by midnight, Monday, June 6th. Here are the questions:
Explain the utilitarian justification for IP as an incentive for intellectual work. What objections can be raised against this approach?
Explain the Lockean “labor/desert” approach to justifying IP. What objections can be raised against this approach?
Explain Moore’s distinction between “thin” and “thick” consent. How does he employ these concepts in developing a view about how employers can monitor employees while still respecting their privacy?
Explain 3 of the various approaches to defining privacy and explain the limitations for each.
Explain the issues brought about by the prisoner’s dilemma in relation to intellectual property.
Explain several pros and cons of current copyright law and what it means for the public domain.
What did Aristotle, Plato and Socrates think on privacy and how did they differ from each other

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