Posted: September 4th, 2022

Module 1: Assignment and Critique- Research Questions for SFD

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Hello, I’m Chief Gregory Adams of the Springfield Fire Department (SFD). At the SFD we
employ approximately 400 firefighters and 250 support staff. Our network of 10 stations protects
nearly 16 square miles in Springfield and the surrounding area.

Our mission is to plan for and deliver responsive and caring emergency service, mitigate
emergencies and disasters, prevent the loss of life, protect property and enforce applicable
construction, fire, and building maintenance codes for the City residents and the general public
in order to maintain and enhance public safety. One of our supporting strategies is the intent to
improve people management. An important example of developing people management in SFD
is the recent establishment of a specialist diversity unit, the first of its kind in the region.

The purpose of this unit is to coordinate responses to individual [public and employment] issues
where diversity plays a part and to encourage the employment of people from underrepresented
groups. Over time, it is expected that the diversity unit will bring new dimensions to work-life
balance in SFD from different employee groups such as ethnic minorities and disabled people.

Another important example of improving people management is our general and ongoing work
in developing work-life balance policies. There has been a concentrated effort in the last two
years on this development, although SFD has a long history of flex-time and special leave.
Development of work-life balance programs to make workplace policies more user-friendly is
now an important area of people management for a number of reasons.

First, greater work is now requested from serving firefighters and support staff. Flexibility is also
expected by new applicants, including women and minority groups, whom SFD is targeting in
our recruitment drives. Secondly, the combined effects of more employment legislation and the
high media profile of discrimination cases make it more important to avoid potential
discrimination. Lastly, it is recognized that work-life balance policies should be applied
consistently and that management style is highly significant in ensuring consistency.

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