Posted: September 19th, 2022

Module 3 – Assignment

Create a Flier


1. Format text color, bold, and size

2. Insert a file 
into an existing Word document

3. Format text into columns

4. Insert a picture from Clip Art and the Design Gallery Live

5. Change text wrapping around a picture

6. Apply borders and shading to a whole page using the Format Borders and Shading command

Make the headline for the flyer

1. Type the words: Choose a topic to write a flyer about 

2. Format the headline big, bold, centered and dark red

·  Enter two blank lines after the headline

·  Type: Sample text

·  Does the Formatting stay big, bold, centered and dark red?

·  Change the formatting to Arial, 11 pt, aligned left, black

Briefly research your topic

1.  Write out a 5-10 sentence about your research

Create two columns of text

1.  Select all of the text 
except the headline

2.  Go to Page Layout –> Columns

3.  Select the option for 2 columns

Add pictures

1. Insert a Picture from ClipArt

· Look for pictures of which enhance your paragraph

· You can use the Google images for pictures

2. For each picture, change the text wrapping to be tight

Format Borders and Shading

Before you add borders and shading, notice what you have selected on your document. If the picture is selected, then you will be adding borders to it. If you have text selected, then the border will be added to your word(s). To add Borders and Shading to an entire page, make certain you have 

1. The default is 
none. Select a Box, Shadow, etc from the right hand side.

2. To change line style, choose a format from the middle Style window.

3. To have little pictures instead of a line, select Art and browse through the options.

4. Width indicates how thick the line (or art) can be.

5. Click OK to complete this action.

Upload your flier to Canvas

Here’s a sample screenshot:


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