Posted: August 23rd, 2021

Module/Week 2 — Interpersonal Leadership Skills

Case Study 1 Instructions
 In these papers, you will apply your model of statesmanship to a particular Public Administration context. 
In this case study, you will apply the Statesmanship model you discussed in Module 1 to a real, specific public administration context. What type of interpersonal skills are needed to effectively administer statesmanship in that context? Remember to discuss the importance of emotional intelligence and covenant in your case study.
General Guidelines:
· Case Study scenarios must be taken from documented (published) public administration contexts; no hypotheticals are allowed. Students can focus on one particular public administration organization or may refer to a particular situation (well-documented by the research) that many public administrators face.
· All ideas shared by the student must be supported with sound reason and citations from the required readings, presentations, and additional research.
· Integrate Biblical principles within the analysis of the paper.
· The paper should be 4-5 pages of content in length (not counting the title page or references), double-spaced, and in APA format.
· All required readings and presentations from the assigned module must be cited.
· 3-5 additional sources must be used. This need not be scholarly so long as they are provide relevant political and economic analysis of your chosen nation. Wikipedia may not be used (though certainly the student is welcome to review its content), and informal blogs are not appropriate.

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