Posted: August 6th, 2022

more than 200 words in two answers to your peers , 2 references each

Peer 1


Comfort theory postulates that patients and their family members will be at ease cooperating with the nurses to promote the success of the healthcare goals if they are guaranteed safety. Clinical officers should be friendly to their clients to inspire an emotional connection between them and partnership for advancing effective treatment. Comfort theory is characterized by its central concepts, such as comforting interventions, health-seeking behaviors, and best practices and policies (Castro et al., 2021). Accordingly, comfortable patient care leads to pain relief and a peaceful healing process among processes.

Comfort theory prompts nurses to identify the needs of patients and family members accompanying them. The nurse starts by listening to the confession of the symptoms narrated by the patients and confirms through laboratory or medical tests. Once they ascertain the illness, they design an effective care plan that meets patients’ needs. When patients and their relatives are contented with the quality of services offered, they engage more fully with the doctors to improve treatment outcomes. Additionally, comfort improves healing by providing peace of mind to patients and their close affiliates. They consult their nurses whenever they have concerns and accurately disclose required information. Therefore, patients experience relief, transcendence, and ease.

A comfort contract should have intervening variables, including environmental, psychospiritual, sociocultural, and physical needs. That is to acknowledge that many factors other than medication contribute to healing. For instance, hygiene of the surrounding, beddings, clothes, oral hygiene, and application of the desired body lotion soothes the patient (Tappen, 2022). The condition of the hospital bed, sleeping position, diet, and guidance of the nurse on medical prescription add to the success of medical services. Satisfaction of patients with service quality and efficiency in the flow of activities benefits patients, their families, and the nurse. Both parties gain mutually as they achieve their goals. For example, a patient admitted for a chronic condition of sexually transmitted infection starts responding to treatment intervention right from the reception (Tappen, 2022). When they are welcomed joyfully, they develop an affection for the health facility environment and perceive that they will be treated well. The positive feeling is carried forward throughout the treatment, comforting the patient.

Concisely, comfort theory is a critical element of healthcare. Patients respond positively to an accommodative health system that promises them dignity, respect, and emotional support. While receiving treatment, they need to be made to feel valued, encouraged, and showed responsive commitment to their needs. Therefore, the theory should form the backbone of healthcare policies and the culture of healthcare organizations.


Peer 2

Theory of Comfort


Nursing theory helps nurses better understand and care for the patients they are responsible for. The concept provides a number of templates to aid nurses in providing patient-centered care and achieving better results. In light of the situation, the main goal of this essay is to investigate the influence nursing models and theories have on both research and practice.

One of the main issues in healthcare is that a lot of patients are dissatisfied with the care they get because their doctors and other healthcare professionals don’t treat them fairly, give them enough time, or involve them in their care. Today’s people choose their healthcare providers more actively, thus healthcare organizations and other institutions must ensure that their patients are satisfied with the treatment they receive and the care they receive. As a result, it’s essential to develop a comfort contract that guarantees the patient, particularly for those who are recovering from surgery.

The complexity of creating a comfort contract has increased as patient needs have changed throughout time. The foundation of a comfort contract is post-surgical nutrition, goods to use after the surgery, caregiver support, rest and physical activity, as well as the right time to call a doctor in case a patient has changes following the procedure. The patient should limit or refrain from eating junk food in terms of nutrition. Because of this, the patient may increase their intake of vitamin-rich foods, which can aid in the recovery of damaged body tissues, particularly following surgery.

It is truly important for nurses to be able to help reduce discomfort and provide comfort to their patients for a speedy recovery through proper caring at the bedside and nursing practice level.  Utilizing the theory of comfort, nursing professionals can evaluate and increase comfort to their patients in many realms of nursing practice.  Kacaroğlu Vicdan (2020) stated that the training that is given in accordance with the theory of comfort to the hemodialysis patients increased the mean scores of patients’ comfort.

The “general atmosphere of comfort” for patients is the responsibility of the nurse. According to Dowd, a state of health and well-being is one that includes “responsibility,” “contentment,” and “ease” (2017). How well a nurse can relax her patients is always a good indicator of her value. To ensure a patient’s wellbeing, a nurse must do more than just give physical care. The provision of physical comfort and environment adjustment are the main contributors to patients’ mental health.

Finally, it’s critical to recognize that chronic pain in patients, especially after surgery, is still impossible to totally prevent. However, there is still hope because there are still ways to control and prevent post-operative discomfort.


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