Posted: August 23rd, 2021

museum reaserch paper

 Working thesis statement or questions for further research and preliminary, annotated bibliography for final paper, Use Chicago Manual of Style citation method. (2 page first draft)
 Assignment 4 is to get you going on your Final Paper–check the downloadable Syllabus for some additional information about this assignment, which appears in the “Final Paper Broad Topic” paragraph on page 2.  If, based on some identified and annotated sources, you are ready to present a formal thesis statement (or even just a hypothesis) please do. If you are still exploring a topic from those sources, your can present questions for future study instead of a thesis. Be thoughtful and thorough and you should be fine. I will still use the Writing Assignment Rubric to grade. Length guideline is around 2 pages, but it may even be one page, depending on how many sources you have had a chance to review thus far. Since a minimum of 5 are required for the final paper, I am looking for 2-3 annotated sources for Writing Assignment 4.  

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