Posted: August 23rd, 2021


Answer the following questions.

What main types of instrumental music were practiced in the seventeenth century?
What is anorgan mass? What was the function of toccatas in the Catholic Mass?
What was asonatain the sixteenth century? How was the term used in the seventeenth century?
What role did toccatas, preludes, and chorale preludes play in the Protestant church?
Where and in what position was Dietrich Buxtehude employed for most of his career? What types of music did he compose for use in that position?
How does Buxtehude’sPraeludium in E Major(NAWM 95) fit the definition of a late seventeenth-century toccata or prelude given inCHWM, page 215? What type of texture and figuration does it use? How does it fall into sections?
a. What areagréments, and what is their purpose?b. Define and describestyle brisé(broken stye).c. On what instrument didstyle briséandagrémentsoriginate, and why were they necessary on that instrument?
What is a stylized dance? How do we know that Denis Gaultier’sLa Coquette virtuose(NAWM 87) and Jacquet de La Guerre’sSuite No. 3(NAWM 88) are stylized?
What two main types of sonata began to be distinguished after about 1660? Describe each type as practiced by Corelli.
What was the most common instrumentation for sonatas in the late seventeenth century? What was a sonata in this instrumentation called?
What is acollegium musicum? What areStadtpfeifer? Where and when were each of these institutions active?

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