Posted: August 23rd, 2021



Define the following terms, and explain the significance of each concept.

basso continuo, orthoroughbass
continuo instruments
figured bass
realization(of a basso continuo)

Study and listen toNAWM74(a–e), excerpts from act 2 of Claudio Monteverdi’s operaL’Orfeo(1607). How does Monteverdi use dissonance, rhythm, melodic contour, and other elements to convey the meaning of the text and the feelings it reflects in Orfeo’s recitativeTu se’ morta(NAWM 74d)?
InOrfeo, Monteverdi uses particular musical forms and styles to convey the changing dramatic situation and the feelings of the characters. What characteristics make each of the following forms and styles appropriate in building and expressing the drama of this scene?

Orfeo, canzonetta (NAWM 74a)
Messenger, Shepherd, and Orfeo, recitative (NAWM 74c)
Orfeo, recitative (NAWM 74d)
Chorus, choral madrigal (NAWM 74e)

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