Posted: December 4th, 2022

Neuro Proposal

Full proposal on Maternal Stress in terms of Pregnancy Risks. Attached is abstract that can be used but can be edited! 

It should be no longer than 2 pages (11 font size minimum) including any potential Figures (optional), but not including references. It should contain a “background/Significance” sections that coherently and concisely reviews necessary previous literature (i.e. it should explain why your research is necessary). You should cite at least 5 scientific sources throughout your proposal (more are fine) to back up your statements. (Hint: it’s best to use the number system [1] so you don’t waste valuable space on in text citations). It should also state your long term and short goals for your research and already give an idea of what it is you want to investigate (but safe the details for your approach section). The background should lead to your “2-3 specific goals” that clearly state what your proposal aims to investigate (and how). Together, these two section should be ~ 1 page in length. Next, describe your detailed “approach” (i.e. how are you going to collect the data) including all necessary information (species, population, samples size, tests, measures, stats, etc).  Plan to spend at least 0.5-0.75 pages on this and then finish with your expected outcomes and an “impact statement” to remind the reader again why all of this is worth their (tax payers) money.

TITLE: Maternal Stress as Worrisome as Other Pregnancy Risks?

As established in recent studies, maternal stress has a risk on a fetus’s neurological development. Maternal mental health has an essential part, not only for mother’s but the fetus. Risks such as preterm labor, autism, schizophrenia, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (Eiseigaku, 2016). Maternal stress effects the amygdalae of a fetus; their fight-or-flight reactions, memory, behavior, social skills, sensory processing, and emotional learning and regulation. (Zelinsky, 2014). Smoking, drugs, drinking, pre-existing diseases, have all been linked has big risks when pregnant. In 2004, non-human research found that prenatal maternal distress negatively influences long-term learning, motor development, and behavior in their offspring. (DiPietro, 2004). In other studies, maternal stress was linked to postnatal developmental disorders and psychiatric issues that have long term effects,. “Diverse health outcomes were considered in animal studies, some being useful models for depression, schizophrenia or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in human populations.” (Beydoun, 2008) So how serious of a risk is stress during pregnancy? In a study, we can investigate how maternal stress may compare to issues such as smoking, drugs, drinking, pre-existing diseases. Looking specific women who report stressors as a factor in their pregnancy and the impact on the babies compared to the correlation between other pregnancy risks. The study will look at 20 women who report stress as factor and 20 women from the other risks. The main goal of this study is to inform the public how serious of a risk maternal stress is on a fetus’s development.

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