Posted: September 19th, 2022


please see attachment

Assignment 1: At least 200 words, APA format

Please remember to provide a reference for your behavioral technique and a detailed description of the technique you found and how it could be used in counseling with a child or adolescent. 

Please find one behavioral technique that can be used with children or adolescents. Examples of behavioral techniques include practices like biofeedback, extinguishing, role-playing, homework, and relaxation training. 

Assignment 2: At least 200 words, APA format, cite relevant sources. Please links to the video sessions below

What do you see as the benefit of using brief counseling with children and adolescents? 

What concerns do you think are best suited to brief counseling?

Please share your thoughts about the session demonstrations with Dr. Zinck and Dr. Littrell.

Assignment 3: at least 200 words APA format, cite relevant sources

What are some of the factors that lead to suicide attempts among children and youth?

Lisa is a fifth grade student who tells you she wants to kill herself with her father’s handgun.  What do you do in this situation?  

How do you advocate for better mental health in your community? 

Assignment 4: at least 200 words APA format, cite relevant sources

How should a counselor handle group counseling with children and confidentiality?

Assignment 4: at least 200 words APA format, cite relevant sources

Please reflect on what you have learned this semester about counseling children and adolescents. How do you see this knowledge helping you in your work as a counselor? 

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