Posted: June 11th, 2022


please see attachment
Develop a powerpoint presentation to be used in a psycho-educational group setting on one of the following concepts: Bullying, peer pressure, conflict resolution, or anger management. The presentation should include a few slides in preparation for the group:
a. Strategies for recruitment and screening of potential group members.
b. Factors that would enhance/detract from the group.
c. Considerations of culturally relevant materials to meet the needs of specific populations.
d. And then the actual slides to share with the group:
e. Outline specific goals and activities for each session. A minimum of 6 sessions is required.
f. A minimum of 5 professional sources should be used in developing the sessions and should be credited to avoid committing plagiarism.
g. The guide should be presented as a power point presentation, be a
minimum of 20 slides
in length (
not including reference slides
), Slides containing references should be added at the end. Follow APA format.

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