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Week 7 Family Nursing Theory and Literature Review Paper
Chapter 3(Family Health Care Nursing: Theory, Practice, and Research Kaakinen, Joanna;
Coehlo, Deborah P.; Steele, Ros) focuses on using family theory to develop critical and
creative thinking to support and implement family interventions in a health event or family
situation. This chapter lays the groundwork for theory-guided, evidence-based family nursing
practice. Remember family units can be defined in many different ways. Think beyond
biological and consider social and community networks as “family” for your patients.

Potential issues to research for your literature review would include alcoholism, chronic
disease, chronic grief, death of a loved one, dementia, stroke, domestic violence, mental illness,
or obesity. If your topic is multifaceted, select one aspect of your topic for this paper.

Select a family theory that interests you. The problem will be the focus of your literature review
for your paper where you will utilize scholarly, peer-reviewed articles or research papers that
discuss this problem and how it should be managed. Utilize at least 3 scholarly articles for this
1. Provide a brief background on your selected family issue, situation, or health event
2. Provide an overview of your theory and include key concepts of your theory such as who is
the individual, family, organization, or society that your family theory focuses on
3. Describe and analyze the family theory, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the theory,
include how this theory can be applied to your identified problem
4. Provide a summary of your findings, including what you learned, what more needs to be
known about this problem and how it affects families

Paper Requirements:
Use APA format throughout the paper. There are software programs that can help you to
correctly and effortless format your paper in APA format, including running header, title page,
and references. PERRLA software is inexpensive and user friendly. If writing is not your
strength, get started on your paper early and send it to the Online Writing Center for editing
The body of your paper needs to be 3-4 pages long. This does NOT include the title page and
reference page. Papers that are more than 4 pages long will not be accepted.
It is important to cite sources to support your ideas and also cite when your ideas are not
original thoughts. When citing a source, you will need to use in-text citations. Do not quote
unless absolutely necessary. Quotations should be rare or non-existent in this paper.
See two fictitious examples below on how you can use in-text citations that follow APA
a. According to Stuart and Thomas (2016) chronic grief is associated with episodes of
family distress and dysfunction.
b. Chronic grief is associated with episodes of family distress and dysfunction (Stuart &
Thomas, 2016).
A minimum of two (2) scholarly, peer reviewed articles are needed for your literature review
portion of this paper. The articles you use should not be abstracts or editorials. They should be
full of text articles. Additional articles may be needed to support your views and your analysis
of the theory. Lastly, you need to cite the author of your family theory each time you discuss
the theory.
Paper/Essay Rubric
Paper/Essay Rubric
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a
Learning Outcome Content
66 to >54.12 pts
Clearly, thoroughly, and effectively analyzes and
addresses family nursing theory concepts in all
aspects of the assignment. All content is accurate
and/or supported.

66 pts

This criterion is linked to a
Learning Outcome Literature
66 to >54.12 pts
Provides a comprehensive analysis of the
literature (with in-text APA citations as
needed. Provides an organized and detailed
description, summary, evaluation, and
clarification in each literature review.

66 pts

This criterion is linked to a
Learning Outcome Focus and
44 to >36.08 pts
There is a clear, well-focused topic. Main
ideas are clear and are well supported by
detailed and accurate information.

44 pts

This criterion is linked to a
Learning Outcome
22 to >18.04 pts
The introduction is inviting, states the main topic,
and provides an overview of the paper.
Information is relevant and presented in a logical
order. The conclusion is strong.

22 pts

This criterion is linked to
Learning Outcome Mechanics
and APA
22 to >18.04 pts
The assignment consistently follows the current
APA format and is free of errors in formatting,
citation, and references. there are no
grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. All
sources are correctly cited and referenced.

22 pts

Total Points: 220

Week 7 Family Nursing Theory and Literature Review Paper

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