Posted: September 4th, 2022


Directions: GERO

For the initial discussion post, please begin by reading the scenario below. Identify at least one factor that puts Maxine at risk for falling. Your original post should include why this puts Maxine at risk and what interventions can be implemented to reduce the risk.

The R.N. has just completed an admission assessment on a 72-year-old female named Maxine, and she has assigned this client to you. Maxine was admitted from home and has fallen three times over the last two weeks. She has some bruising, but no major injuries.

When you enter the room to meet Maxine, she tells you she has forgotten to bring her glasses to the hospital. You also notice she is not wearing shoes but does have on socks. When you ask if she is having any pain, she says she is a little stiff from the fall, but the medication the doctor prescribed for her helps.

Maxine’s list of medications includes:

Lasix 60 mg PO twice daily

Metoprolol 50 mg PO every morning

Metformin 500 mg PO twice daily

Percocet 1-2 tabs PO every 6 hours PRN pain

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