Posted: September 19th, 2022


  • Health Care Information Systems Diagram
  • The purpose of this assignment is to understand the challenges and opportunities in the development
    and enhancement of information systems and their effect on communication and workflow efficiency.

    Research the health information system structure at your current or most recent organization.

    Part 1

    Create a systems diagram illustrating your understanding of various health care information systems,
    their components, and connections with other health care departments.

    Part 2

    Write a 250-500-word description of your diagram. Include the criteria below:

    1. A summary of the standard components of health care information systems.
    2. An overview of advantages and challenges faced by a hospital using information systems for

    health care, especially as they relate to the evolving nature of health care information needs.

    General Requirements

    Integrate three to five supporting sources of health information.


    This assignment aligns to the following AMIA 2017 Core Competencies for Health Informatics Curricula at the
    master’s degree level:

    F4: Health Information Science and Technology: Knows How

      Health Care Information Systems Diagram

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