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Please read carefully. i am a christian and from Nigeria so please do not choose either both to write on and do not choose Hinduim, and pleas the similarities and differences with my culture is either Nigeria or christian.

Cultural Equity Project 

NUR 211

Maternal-Newborn Nursing

: This assignment is broken into 2 parts and will be completed as an individual. Take a moment to read ALL instructions PRIOR to beginning this assignment.

: As a nurse and citizen of the world, you will come in contact with individuals that are different; different beliefs, different religions, different facial or body features, different needs, different desires, and so on. As a nurse, it is imperative that these differences do not cloud your judgment or medical care of those that are different from you. This is your opportunity to learn about other humans and the field of nursing from a cultural perspective. 

: This is your opportunity to be creative. 

· You may utilize Powerpoint, Prezi, Screencast-o-matic or a similar platform to present the following information. 

· Your presentation will be a maximum of 20 minutes. 

· You will create an engaging presentation with
highlights (bullet points rather than sentences) and relevant visuals (not warranted on every slide). 

Part 1

ONE topic under ‘Culture topics’; located below. Or, you may select an unlisted cultural option; this option must be approved by the clinical instructor.

Culture topics:

· Middle Eastern 

· Hinduism 

· Christian

· Jewish 


· Asian 

· African 

· African American 

· Muslim 

· LatinX

· American

· Military

· European

· Adoption

· Gypsy

· Amish

· Economically challenged

· Client with little/no familial support  

Based on your chosen ‘Culture topic’,
research and
discuss traditional customs and rituals based on the following:

1. Stereotype challenges

2. Antepartum

3. Intrapartum

4. Postpartum

5. Discuss at least 2 similarities and differences between your personal culture and the culture topic of choice.

A minimum of
two references must be used with at  least ONE scholarly
nursing article or textbook (other than the classroom text and/or ATI)  published within the past five years. 

A literature search via Google Scholar and/or the MXC online library should provide a quality reference with minimal searching.  Ask for assistance from the librarian, if needed.

Part 2

Post this assignment  on the D2L
discussion board. Review and respond to at least ONE student assignment on the discussion board. Make efforts to respond to a classmate that does not have feedback from a classmate.  Responses should be a minimum of 50 words, scholarly, and associated with the


model.  Validation with a reference is recommended and the reference should be in APA formatting.

Example: use of the RISE model (fictitious reference)

You provided some nice  examples of cultural misperceptions.  I was not clear on the  definition, but found this excerpt by Kaye (2015) quite helpful.  Kaye (2015) states that cultural misperceptions  are…….

Have you considered that your personal beliefs might…..


Kaye, S. (2015).  Cultural misperceptions.
Nursing Leadership, 33(22), 192-198.

Review the grading rubric to ensure  the assignment requirements are met.

Useful Tools

APA Formatting:

Purdue Owl

Creating Engaging Presentations:

How to produce a Prezi Effect in PowerPoint 2016

Please complete the following survey upon completion of the assignment:

Cultural Equity in Pregnancy Grading Rubric




· Correctly and coherently  identifies/answers the listed questions

· Engaging with visuals

· Less than 30 minutes or greater than 40 minutes

· Incorrect or incomplete information provided

· No visuals


· Lists at least two references

· APA Format

· At least one reference is a scholarly
nursing article or text printed within the past five years 

· Does not use APA format

· Less than two references.

· Does not list a scholarly nursing article  or text

Due Date

· Posted on discussion board by the due date

· Not posted on discussion board by the due date

Response to Group

· Posted on discussion board within 24 hour of assignment due date.

· Meets criteria of 50 words minimum

· Post is scholarly

· Utilizes a minimum of 2 components of the

model in response.

· Not posted on discussion board within 24 hours of assignment due date

· Does not meet the criteria of 50 words minimum 

· Post is not scholarly

· Utilizes less than 2 components of the

model in response.

Grade: (circle one) Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.  

Course SLO’s: 

16. Interpret communication responses and apply techniques that are developmentally appropriate and sensitive to the culturally diverse clients in women’s health and the childbearing family.

19. Identify situations specific to clients in women’s health and the childbearing family that may cause ethical dilemmas and/or require legal actions. 

End-of-Program SLO’s:

6. Encompass cultural and socioeconomic factors in the management of nursing care.

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