Posted: August 6th, 2022

Operations management Applications

Process Analysis

Process steps have been clearly described, and has been analyzed with actual values and observations. Description of observations made and task times determined were obtained is given. Capacities and bottleneck have correctly been identified.

The Process analysis document which I have uploaded is one which you have to work on. 

I have added the example pictures as well. Just need it done accordingly. 

Process Analysis

Flow Diagram:

Smoothie Production Layout:

Workstation capacity:

Station 1: 60min/hr / 1.5min/cust= 40 customers (Bottleneck) per hour

Station 2: 60min/hr / .67min/cust= 90 customers per hour

Station 3: 60min/hr / 1.3 min/cust= 45 customers per hour

System Throughput Time: 2 minutes and 92 seconds 

Maximum System Capacity: 40 customers per hour

System Cycle Time: 1 minute and 30 seconds

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