Posted: June 11th, 2022

Optimizing Brands Week 1 |DQR

Optimizing Brands Week 1 DQR
In response to at least two of your peers, address the following:
· Compare your views on how important a brand is to you when making purchasing decisions with the views of your peers. In what ways do your views differ from those of your peers? How might they be aligned?
· Share your thoughts on the importance of an emotional connection with the brand.
· Share your thoughts on how companies should handle customer concerns related to the brand.
Dennis Finley
This is my third semester in the Master’s in Supply Chain program at SNHU. I previously earned an MBA with a finance concentration but wish to acquire an MBA in supply chain to increase my knowledge base and eventually step into the education profession. I’ve worked in the supply chain arena my entire professional career with most of my experience being in the biotech and life science manufacturing industry, which started in the northeast and then on the west coast, but most recently in the retail sector. My hope is this course will aid me in helping to grow my company’s brand as well as my individual brand. One of my most enjoyable hobbies is riding my motorcycle.
From a consumer standpoint, my view on what brand means is arguably the most important thing when it comes to ensuring the success of a business. A business’ brand is the set of expectations, interactions, memories, and stories that account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. Branding is about shaping that perception that directs whether you’ll buy that product or service. If a company continually delivers on its promise of quality, pricing, consistency, competency, and reliability, then I’m a reliable consumer,
When it comes to motorcycle culture and the history none compare to Harley-Davidson. They have the ability to connect with a diverse range of riders and have cultivated an image that resonates with its consumers. Harley-Davidson has instilled in its consumers that the brand goes far beyond the characteristics of the motorcycle. Harley-Davidson depicts a lifestyle. Harley Davidson is a great example of fierce loyalty amongst its consumers. Being a part of the Harley community is an integral part of how they define themselves. One of Harley-Davidson’s most memorable slogans is “Live to ride, ride to live.”.
In mulling it over, I guess I do have an emotional connection to the Harley-Davidson brand. Though, I also have an infinity for Suzuki motorcycles. Both brands design and produce stylish and quality motorcycles. Working on either make isn’t overly difficult and customization doesn’t break the bank. If I were in the market to purchase another motorcycle I would assuredly look toward a Harley-Davidson or Suzuki depending on the type of motorcycle I was in the market for. Because of my love of motorcycles, I routinely look at the latest Harley-Davidson and Suzuki models.
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Ana Reiss
Hi Class,
My name is Ana Reiss and I live in the state of New Jersey in the famously known area of the Jersey Shore. I promise people who live here year-round are not like the show. I have lived here since I moved to the US and honestly would have moved somewhere that’s warmer 12 months of the year if it wasn’t for staying close to my mother. Family is very important. I received my bachelor’s in accounting in 2017 from Kean University and am currently an accounting manager for a publicly traded data management company. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my two dogs and traveling to new places.
I see brands as something that is used to make products more expensive and desirable because they are the most well known in a certain area. Either in reliability in the case of a vehicle maker like Toyota or the coolest phone in the case of Apple. When it comes to everyday things such as food and clothes, I honestly do not pay attention to brands. As you get older it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a $5 shirt or a $50 shirt their both doing the same job of covering your back. I know I will have some argue that the $50 one will last longer, which I cannot deny that may be possible, but everyone must way out their pros and cons. If there was one thing that I know that I choose 100% based on brand is the vehicle I drive. I choose gas efficiency and cars I know will last for many years. The brands that I think of are Honda and Toyota for these two main areas. For these reasons I own a Honda myself, boy does my pocket thank my wise decision with these skyrocketing gas prices. My husband keeps stealing my car to go to work since I now work from home. His Ram 1500 is handy for things around the house but not for his commute.
Another brand that I stay true to besides my vehicle is Apple. My sole reason for this is due to the simpleness of using an Apple device. I found that Samsung or android phones had too many options for customization that I had no use for. In an article by Ihejieto (2022) he mentions that “Apple consumers continue to be loyal to the company, with 90 percent of iPhone buyers staying with Apple” (para. 4). I am a prime example of that statistic as I continue to be a customer and when I tried something different, I ended up going back. I like to call, text, read emails and scroll social media that’s about the extent of my use. Apple has the brand promise of “think different” and I believe they try to always stay up to date with the wants and needs of their customers.
I’m excited to learn a whole new beast as this is very different from my accounting world and already loving reading everyone’s different perspectives. Wishing everyone a great semester!
Ihejieto Victory. (2022, June 1).Apple brand and loyalty: Creating a brand the apples way. Business Yield.
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