Posted: August 23rd, 2021

Organizational Diagnosis

Organizational Diagnosis (org-diag)
· Interview an organizational leader to determine the challenges they currently encounter in their organization.

· From the interview, what do you think are the major factors of the identified challenges?

· Describe in detail the issues and leadership dynamics you see.

· In what environment, or world, does the leader view the organization as existing?

· Which of the organizational metaphors listed in Morgan best describes the organization? Explain its advantages and disadvantages.

· Provide alternative explanations and theories that might explain why the problem exists.

· Detail an action plan for the leader that includes how they can resolve the challenges you described.

Length: This report should be “as long as necessary.” However, the best reports are concise and clear. 1500 words.
Read and Review:
Sire (2009). The universe next door. (Chapters 3-4) 
Daft (2016). Organization Theory. (Chapters 4,5,6)
Morgan (2006). Images of Organizations. (Part II, chapters 5-9)

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