Posted: August 3rd, 2022


When writing a strategic outline on Human Resources what’s the first thing I need to do?

Assignment 1 – Term Project Outline

Students will develop and present a 1-2 page outline detailing their plan for the Term Project on Strategic HRM paper: how HR Management fits within the scope of the larger discipline of business.


· Students should summarize information on the interactions between HR and 
a minimum of 3 other departments
 in one or more organization(s), including, but not limited to: Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, Manufacturing, Distribution, Marketing, PR, Sales, Service, R&D, or Administration. This summary will be further developed in Part II of this assignment.

· The outline should focus on structure and listing examples of HR best practices that are described in detail in the Term Project. There is no expectation that the outline will be a complete reflection of the paper, but it should give the student an opportunity to make an organized and strong start on their Strategic HRM paper.

· The outline should include citations of sources and organizations included in the work along with a reference page.  

· The outline may be in bulleted or traditional format.   

· In keeping with the rubric, outlines will be graded on content, clarity, creativity, correctness, and critical thinking.  

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