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Con�icting Visions


The Situation
As a human services professional, you are very likely to encounter situations

where your beliefs about diversity and inclusion are challenged. You’ll have

to think on your feet so that your practice is inclusive and culturally

competent even when you encounter clients who have a different

background or values from you.

In this activity, you’ll learn about a client and his family. In the face of the

challenges they might pose to your values or beliefs, you’ll also consider

how to treat them in a culturally competent and inclusive way.


Meet Jordan and Karl
They’ve been dating for about two years and they’re ready to take their

relationship to the next level: Wedding vows.

Jordan’s family is beyond excited! Listen to the conversation between Jordan’s

mom and dad below, then continue to the next section.

Listen to a conversation between Jordan’s parents


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Elana: We love Karl! He’s such a sweet fella, and we just can’t wait for

him and our son to tie the knot.

Nicholas: That Karl is a good one. And he’s good to our Jordan.

But there are some complications–Karl’s parents
aren’t happy at all.



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Listen to the conversation between Karl’s Family.



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Patty: Well, I guess they can do what they want. But we believe that

marriage is between a man and a woman. Some things don’t change,

and the Bible is very clear on that.

Bruce: I hope my boy can get himself turned around. Otherwise, he’s on a

fast track to hell. And no, we’re not going to the “wedding.” It’s an

abomination. Until he abandons it, he’s not welcome here.

Joan: Poor Karl. I love him so, and he deserves to be happy. He’s my

sweetest nephew! He can’t wait to marry Jordan, but he’s so unhappy

now. He wants his parents to be there and he’s just miserable that they

probably won’t. I convinced Bruce and Patty to go to a counselor with

Karl, but I don’t know if it will help.

It’s time for your �rst session with Karl and his


Tierainie Johnson

Thank you for coming in today. Bruce, Patty,

Karl, it’s nice to meet all of you. Now, I see

from your informed consent that you all are

here to talk about some family issues that

have come up around Jordan and Karl’s

impending marriage.



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Bruce: Are you a Christian counselor?

Patty: We need to know this. We need a counselor who understands our

beliefs and why this farce of a marriage CANNOT happen!

How should you respond?


Tierainie Johnson

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Listen to the Conversation between Karl and his




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Karl: I just want to share one of the best experiences of my life with my

parents. I love them dearly and I can’t imagine getting married without

them there.



Karl, how are you feeling, hearing this from

your parents?

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Listen to the Karl’s reaction



 Intro

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Now what? As a clinician, you face a difficult situation. The end
goal is to salvage their relationships, but there are many aspects of

this family that need to be addressed.


Assignment Instructions
In a minimum of 5–6 pages, analyze how your beliefs will impact you as a human
services professional in a scenario described in a media simulation. Analyze
what culturally competent, inclusive practice would look like in this scenario, how
religious and cultural beliefs might affect a client’s functioning and clinical
presentation, and propose a plan of action to resolve a family crisis.

Complete the Conflicting Visions media activity.

In light of the scenario in the Conflicting Visions media activity, respond to the
following in a 5–6 page paper:

● How will your beliefs impact you as a human services professional in this

○ Analyze your own beliefs about culture, diversity, and inclusion in
regard to this scenario.

○ How do you feel about same-sex couples and have your feelings
changed over time?

○ How do you think families should treat members of the family with
whom they disagree?

○ What is the role of religion when it comes to family relationships?
● As you work with this deeply religious family, what would culturally

competent, inclusive practice and decision-making look like?
○ Analyze how your own beliefs and those of the family would be

reflected in culturally competent, inclusive practice.
● Analyze how religious and cultural beliefs might affect Karl’s functioning

and clinical presentation.
○ How might you expect Karl to behave in a session with his family?

○ What sorts of feelings might Karl have and how might these be
related to his own religious and cultural beliefs?

● In the first session, Karl’s parents insist that he cannot marry someone of
the same sex. Describe a plan of action you would propose to help this
family resolve this crisis in a way that might salvage the family

Assignment Requirements
● Length: 5–6 pages in addition to the cover page and reference page.
● Contents: Include a cover page, an abstract, page numbers, and a running

● Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point, and double-spaced.
● References: Cite at least 5–6 references from peer-reviewed journals

published within the last 5–7 years, in addition to your textbook.
● APA: Use current APA style and formatting for the entire paper and for

citations and references. Evidence and APA can help with that.

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