Posted: September 19th, 2022


Just write a reply to these two posts. Write in your own words. One paragraph for each post. Please differentiate which reply is which.

Reply A Tamia

One finding I found in the IOM report that I thought was very important was that the turnover rates drop significantly with new graduate registered nurses that completed a residency program. “From 35 to 6 percent at 12 months and from 55 to 11 percent at 24 months compared with new graduate registered nurse control groups hired at a facility prior to implementation of the residency program.” (The Future of Nursing, 2022) 

  “In 2002, the Joint Commission recommended the development of nurse residency programs—planned, comprehensive periods of time during which nursing graduates can acquire the knowledge and skills to deliver safe, quality care that meets defined (organization or professional society) standards of practice.” (The Future of Nursing, 2022) I believe these residency programs help new graduates nurses transition easier into the real workforce by giving the new nurses time to use her skills in a real workforce, see the pace of the real workforce, and get to get acquaintances with other nurses. With these relationships formed through the residency program new nurses can use these relationships when they are struggling or need advice throughout their own career. 

    “Residency programs are supported predominantly in hospitals and larger health systems, with a focus on acute care.” “It is essential, however, that residency programs outside of acute care settings be developed and evaluated.” (The Future of Nursing, 2022) I think residency programs should expand more than just acute care because with the shown improvement of new graduate nurses in residency programs it should not just be limited to acute care. This will help to get the best overall nurses in all fields. 

Reply B Caden 

 I chose to write about transforming nursing education out of all the other choices. I chose it because I think that it is one of the most vital things to make sure we are equipping our future nurse with the right tools to be good nurses. I think over the years nursing has opened from being a profession that is just mainly run by women. We have seen a quite steady rise in male nursing students and male nurses. which from my experience in working as a nursing assistant it can be quite vital to a nursing floor because you can have large patients that need extra strength or extremely combative patients that need to be restrained. After looking over the findings from the website I have found the several advanced nursing programs have had a steady incline over the years since 2010. And that is most of the case for a lot of the programs such as DNP and Nurse Practitioners. I also found that there has been a steady incline of Native Indian nurses that have gotten nursing degrees or higher. Nursing education has changed over the years to conform to today’s trend but the demand for nurses has only gone up. Especially in this day in age with the covid-19 virus nurses have never been needed more. The attention to nurses has never been more in the light. Nursing was once something not many people think about but is now something everyone talks about. Nurses are finally being recognized for their hard work behind the scenes and now it has seen a big jump in nursing schools to take in all the people now wanting to become a nurse. 

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