Posted: August 1st, 2022



In this Assignment, imagine you have been hired by the federal government as a consultant to construct a research report on the current status of race and the criminal justice system.

The MSCJ Assignment: In a 10- to 11-page paper using the

Walden University Writing Center Template


  • Introduce the relationship between race and the criminal justice system. Be sure to include a brief history and examples of significant past and current events that have defined the relationship (2 pages).
  • Assess whether the criminal justice system needs to address racial disparities and explain why or why not. This section should be supported by at least five peer-reviewed research articles and/or government publications (4 pages).
  • Analyze ethical and social justice issues associated with race in the criminal justice system (2 pages).
  • Explain whether the federal government should become more involved in racial issues within various criminal justice agencies (2 pages).

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