Posted: August 6th, 2022

Paper-8 pages- Due on 5th afternoon

Due on 5th. 

8 Pages. 

Class – Project Managers face the following constraints (i.e., limitations): time, cost, scope, quality, risk, customer satisfaction, and resources. 

· Select a project where you were a participant, either as the project manager or team member. 

· Apply the 7 constraints listed here: time, cost, scope, quality, risk, customer satisfaction, and resources. 

· For each constraint, please discuss how it was addressed. In other words, how did the project team handle the situation where the project due date was accelerated (earlier than expected)? 

· Here are some additional points: 

· Time = schedule 

· Cost = budget 

· Scope = work done on the project 

· Quality = the degree to which the work performed fulfills requirements 

· Risk = uncertainties 

· Customer Satisfaction = value provided to the customer 

· Resources = people, capital, equipment, and technology

– This assignment should be 8-10 pages in length overall. Your submission should be submitted before 11:59 pm on Day 7 (Sunday)
– Submit your assignment in APA format
– Paraphrasing of content – Demonstrate that you understand the case by summarizing the case in your own words. Direct quotes should be used minimally.
Reference Section Please cite the source using APA formatting guidelines. If you need guidance or a refresher on this, please visit: to an external site.

In-text citations – If you need additional guidance, please visit:

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