Posted: June 13th, 2022

Peer Response 2

1. Respond to your classmates’ posts.Submission to your classmates must meet a minimum requirement of 50 Curiosity Points to count for credit.
1. What is the thesis of your Response?
1. Defend your Response in 100 words or less
What other areas of life can the Six Pillars of Character be applied?
In reading about the Six Pillars of Character, it is my belief that this can be used beyond the schools. These pillars can start from home. Teaching children early on so when they enter the educational system it comes naturally. But where else can we apply these characters? In the link attached you will read about how it is applied in the business world. Would applying this in a business be effective?
In my instruction, I would apply these characters as stated. Starting with gaining the trust of the families I work with by having open communication, doing what I say I’m going to do. I feel once I have trust all the other pillars will line up.
-Jacqueline Quinones

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