Posted: September 20th, 2022

Peer Response 2

Review your classmates’ post and respond to the following points:

1. One thing you liked about your classmate’s original response.

1. One thing you would suggest changing.

1. One question you have after reviewing your classmate’s response.

1. Could you use this in your classroom? Why or why not?


Hello class, 

For this week’s discussion post, I have chosen to upload a poster as a visual for the code of ethics. While designing this poster, from a parent’s perspective, I wanted to emphasize specific critical points of the code quickly and effectively. This means cutting out lengthy paragraphs – in the society that we live in now. We want to save time, not consume it! I chose yellow as a background color because it draws attention to the paper as if it were being sent home in a packet of papers, and I have always felt good vibes from the color yellow – straightforward reasoning. I included crucial basic information while hitting all the critical points I needed. 



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