Posted: March 12th, 2023



List of Virtues

The Ethics of Virtue appears to provide no way to know what to do when two virtues conflict. For example, the virtue of honesty can conflict with the virtue of being loyal. If you are a loyal friend, then you will stand by your friend when that friend is under scrutiny for questionable behavior. But how far do you go?

Often, being truthful with a friend is a important component of being loyal. It can also mean that being loyal can be a vice as well as it can be a virtue. Here I mean loyalty as a pathological behavior, i.e., you will be loyal to your friend (does this include the vice of lying?) no matter what the damage to yourself.

Given what you know about virtue, and using the virtue of loyalty as an example, explain to your audience how a virtue becomes a vice. Can a vice become a virtue?  350 words. See Slide #4 in slide deck.

How were you taught the virtues and have they stuck? 150 words

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