Posted: November 21st, 2022


11 questions 

1. List the three laws of Certainty for Aristotle

2. List the six forms of government that Aristotle addressed and which one did he prefer?

3. What were Aristotle’s thoughts on deductive reasoning?

4. What does Aristotle have to do with Alexander the Great?

5.Define and state your thoughts regarding Stoicism? (50 points)

6.Define and state your thoughts regarding Epicureanism (50 points)

7.List 5 Salient Points From Your Philosophy Paper

8.Define Cynicism (32 points)

9.Define Hedonism (32 points)

10.Define Skepticism (32 points)

11.Which practical philosophy do you prefer to guide your life and why (Stoicism or Epicureanism)? (4 points)

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