Posted: September 19th, 2022

Please complete the following instructions base on the topic (Intelligence). Thank you!

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 Please complete the following instructions base on the topic (Intelligence). Thank you! 

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I wanted to provide further explanation for your final website:
I expect that each person selects one area of development (all different from
each other) and develops a website for teachers and parents. If you have an
idea for an area of development that isn’t mentioned in your bank to
me first. The following areas must be covered by each student for
their area of development:
1. General overview of an area of development, including any critical
information (I.E. Physical development containing gross and fine motor skills)
2. Theoretical background; explain at least one theory behind this area of
development in detail
3. Milestones within the area of development. This is an early childhood
class, which includes prenatal-age 8; I do not need any older. If you are usin
a graphic for this, please explain the contents of it in your own words.
4. Ways in which parents can foster development in these areas; provide
strategies. Again, if you use a graphic for this, please explain it.
5. Pictures, videos, charts, etc… to make your website look appealing.
6. References for where you found this information. Make sure it is in your
own words.
iam expecting that each group communicates and collaborates with
consideration f your groupmates. If you are unable to get in contact with a
group member, please inform me ASAP. Any members who are not
responsive to their group members will have it reflected in their project
there is a clear difference in content, explanation, and effort. I expect all
group members to put forth the effort and skill expected of a final project.
Please contact me with any questions or concerns,
Dr. A


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