Posted: August 23rd, 2021

Please Read And Respond To The Mini Case Below Found In Your Textbook. You Will Answer The 4 Questions At The End Of The Case.

13th Edition: Retail Shrinkage: A Significant Problem, page 351
Responses to the mini-case questions that appear at the end of each case should be typed, single-spaced using 1” margins with a 12-point font. Each mini-case should have a cover page that includes the case name, textbook edition you are using, as well as your name, date, course name and number.  Responses should include many details whether from the case or from your own research.  Each assignment should be 2 pages (not including the cover sheet).  Remember, the more detailed, the better the assignment.  Please do not retype the questions.  Simply list the question # and your response. 

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