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Please turn the attached document into a similar power point presentation. The power point presentation should be very similar to the youtube video below. Should be a total o

StrategicPlan2 x

Please turn the attached document into a similar power point presentation.

The power point presentation should be very similar to the youtube video below.

Should be a total of 10 slides total.



Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan


The main purpose of the strategic plan is to facilitate clear communication concerning the desired approaches identified in the achievement of organizational objectives in addition to augmented success in the identification of workflow efficiency and enhancing the working environment. Through the strategic plan, the organization increases its chances of guaranteeing reliable and safe forms of transportation. The inquiry primarily focuses on achieving functionality through workflow effectiveness, effective financial practices, in addition to talent development. Additionally, organizational structure is another relevant factor that needs to be taken into consideration while making inquiries on the personal level strategy.

Organization Background

Ascertaining that the inquiry focuses on gaining the ability to identify workflow effectiveness, financial practices, in addition to organization structure that are public entities increases the chances of better outcomes. The strategic plan is important at organizational basis because it ensures identification of workflow effectiveness assists in the improvement of a working surrounding for the employees. Such plans also aid customers and the public through ascertaining reliability as well as safe transportation. Few individuals will encounter burdens affiliated with establishing procedures and processes for creation of significant spaces required in rolling out a safe and reliable transportation system. Some of the main pieces of information worth knowing in relation to the focal issue comprise of where and why various accidents or incidences take place. Furthermore, understanding various kinds of contributing factors is also relevant in addition to establishing whether there were preventative measures taken to avoid the incidences.


Different methods are applicable in the process of gathering information on the organization to ensure the implementation of the strategic plan is effective. For starters, putting information requests with the urban areas to increase the chances of requesting for necessary data is one way of staying relevant. Avoid the idea of utilizing the less resourceful public services requests that comprises of frivolous complaints from the public is an ideal approach for the methodology approach.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis segment is necessary since it provides information that identifies the internal strengths in addition to weaknesses associated with the organization. Furthermore, the process is ideal in establishing major trends in addition to uncertainties within the external environment. The SWOT matrix provided for the strategic plan is observable as well as descriptive.


· The following are identifiable strengths affiliated with implementation of the strategic plan:

· The plan is appealing because it guarantees the possession of fleets of contemporary zero-emission automobiles.

· An employment of knowledgeable staff contributes towards the strengths of the plan.

· The increase in job availability is appropriate since it assures on satisfaction levels.


· The high levels of turnover rates from the staff present noteworthy risks.

· Dealing with the high expenses incurred in process of repairing severely damaged roads is a downside to the plan.

· The aging infrastructure affects the transportation systems by slowing down the processes.

· Unavoidable concerns linked with political influence have made it difficult to ensure that the main organizational objectives are attained.

· An absence of crucial information provided by the current employees cripples the process.


· The growth of cities presents ideal opportunities to transform the plan and exploit different areas.

· The availability of Federal Prorgams is an indication that the organization may rely on the benefits of lawful protection to ensure operations are productive.

· Presence of red carpet lanes offers a chance to facilitate an enhancement of traffic regulations.

· The augmentation of safety and security measures is ideal in lessening the possibilities of accidents occurring.


· In order to ensure that the infrastructures undergo appropriate repairs then significant funding is mandatory.

· Challenges encountered from public pushback have presented unavoidable threats to the process.

· A decrease in customer satisfaction is a noteworthy threat that needs prompt consideration.

· The increasing demand for safe modes of transit justify the need observe all kinds of threats limiting the strategic plan.

· An increase in charges associated with movement from one point to another is a relevant danger to the organization.

· Outcomes involving negative media concerns pose a great threat to the business.

The characterization of data originates from the decade and a half working at the agency in addition to having strengths influenced by a San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency that relies on services offered by elected officials. Another agency worth noting in the characterization of data is the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency Board. Weaknesses are characterized under the Management Staff, the human resources department, building and maintenance division, as well as engineers. Various opportunities emerge from data characterized through the public officials, the SFMTA board, the public, in addition to the media companies. As for the threats, it is arguable that the data is characterized by engineers, SFMTA board, the public sector, in addition to the media firms.

Data placement in respective categories is valuable and applicable since it encompasses of various topics addressed for numerous entities that start from the staff, public, all the way to political leaders. The organization’s system of power as well as privileges is reflected by the SFMTA’s current systems that provide a representation of an industry relying on finances and staffs means to keep operations running in a smooth manner. The public along with affiliated agencies are the greatest beneficiaries from the strengths that exist. Nonetheless, it is considerable to suggest that the employees are other significant benefactors aligned with the idea of job availability proponents. Combinations of the public, employees, in addition to the agencies are ideal beneficiaries aligned with the weaknesses. As for the staff, the main benefit comes from job security while the public has the privilege of making necessary complains regarding what they want at any time they wish. The agencies receive funding through government to ensure the necessary repairs.

The group of most burdened factions from the strengths and weaknesses existing from the plan comprise of the frontline personnel. It is arguable that the front-line personnel are most burdened due to the fact they have to work under conditions regardless of how inhumane they may seem. Front-line staffs are under immense pressure to ensure that they deliver the best services despite working under less favourable workplace environments. Investigation on the intended and unintended consequences emerging from the organization’s work reveals numerous factors causing noticeable impacts. The implications range from staffing concerns that revolve around recruitment along with retention processes. Others impacts include traffic, accidents, regular vehicle breakdowns, subway delays, in addition to equipment malfunctions triggered by the lack of replacement parts. The process of determining the impact that the organization has made towards the community is worth knowing. Transportation across San Francisco is essential and the presence of constant flow of tourists who require reliable modes of transportation, it is necessary to establish more ideal solutions. The public transportation system is greatly sought after leading to an outcome whereby it is ranked third best over the past years in order to access the cities. Transport is a fundamental department that is essential in maintaining the city’s thriving nature.

In the previous years, plenty of opportunities popped up on acquiring sufficient knowledge concerning the mode of SFMTA operations. Furthermore, the opportunities also made it possible for one to comprehend the different ways of running SFMTA. Considering the responsibility of SFMTA working under the board that answers to the city, it is obvious that SFMTA needs to go through different kinds of procedures to acquire a given budget, personnel, in addition to several other operational requirements. The agency on the other hand has to ensure it submits to several unions developed to represent employees. Furthermore, these agencies have to ascertain they observe some of the numerous federal as well as state regulations that are applicable in public transportation system. Basically, the ultimate knowledge learned involves acknowledging the difficult involved in getting access to the needs and wants of a business.

A number of the different barriers experienced by the agency in the present day encompass addressing insensitivity along with the micro-aggressions affecting most workers any time they forward some of their concerns. For instance, concerns regarding the disparate mode of treatment affiliated with securing promotional opportunities as well as maintaining discipline within the workforce affects most operations and practices that depend on the interplay of effectiveness. One promising outcome needs to involve an attempt by the agency to develop an appropriate line of communication with the workers, which facilitates the achievement of direct feedback for the group of personnel affected by issues such as mistreatment. Another ideal practice should integrate an attempt to develop realistic plans regarding the best way to address the concerns presented by the employees. Through addressing the concerns in a genuine manner and having an intended objective for influencing change besides simply acknowledging and looking past the issues would guarantee effectiveness, equity, in addition to social justice. In the present day, the SFMTA appears to be working towards revamping the issue of diversity, equity, in addition to inclusion procedures for alignment with the guidance and directives provided by the state and federal divisions.

A trademark that mirrors the authority would be excess proficient. The organization has a commitment to guarantee that the worker is proficient about the assignment that is required. The ongoing technique of the organization is to lay out a worker that knows about the principles, strategies and the conventions that are important to guarantee the objective for the office. It is likewise obligatory that the office has the accessible gear. The gear incorporates the course material, the different mentors that are expected to lead preparing while not affecting customary assistance. There should be an experience with the standards and guidelines expected to work mentors and affirming that the staff is educated about the Government Travel Organization. The Administration Procedure is to affirm that the preparation program is intended to give security and administrative direction important for progress.

Albeit the needs have all the earmarks of being to keep the organization forward moving the truth looks as though we are stale and not moving by any means. With a ton of these worries presently being brought to the executives as well as to the board and the city hall leader the organization has now carried out conceivable change with their new variety consideration and value program. It is as yet a work underway, yet they are presently hoping to attempt to recognize and address a ton of the worries that have been presented similar to unique treatment towards minority representatives and the absence of special open doors for minorities. The primary need that the authority is recognizing is the way that there is a veritable concern. That is for sure the initial phase in the correct course.

The SFMTA has had numerous objectives for how to further develop the traffic conditions in San Francisco. For SFMTA, the objective is to have ZERO travel mishaps from travel. There are such countless travels included death and mishaps that the organization is pushing ahead with attempting to carry out an arrangement to address the worries. I have discovered that the office has a ton of work to do concerning its ideal objectives. It is an extraordinary accomplishment to arrive at the objectives of ZERO mishaps and ZERO tragedies leading to death. It has been a significant achievement. To execute an objective and guarantee it is accomplished is an interaction that powers a significant change and the change to the preparation program must be a triumph. The world and the streets are a more secure put for everybody going on them. I will realize that there has been a change on the grounds that are more secure to walk, drive, and ride bikes in San Francisco.

Sustainability Matrix

Mission-Specific Programs, Services, and Activities

Revenue-Generating Programs, Services, and Activities

Accessibility to:

Public Transportation




San Francisco City and County General Fund Transit Passenger Fares/Monthly Passes Fines and Fares Parking Facilities

Knowledgeable staff

Equity Diversity and Inclusion program

Federal Funding from Budgets

State Funding from budgets

Special Events

Business Licenses


Sustainability Matrix

Developing Strategic Priorities

The four Priority Mission Impact Criteria for the strategic plan comprise of contribution to intended impacts, excellence in execution, significant unmet requirements, and community building. The three strategies to use in the internal strengths to capitalize on external opportunities comprise of contributions to intended impact that takes advantage of community buildings as the external opportunity. Leveraging the excellence in execution to take advantage of an external opportunity such as community building is a necessary strategy. Lastly, implementing community buildings for significant unmet needs is an appropriate strategy of taking advantage of an external opportunity.


The methodologies are illustrated as such to help SFMTA with interior qualities to make the most of my projected outside amazing open doors address in light of the fact that with the SFMTA being a piece of the transportation business, understanding the need of the requirement for a valuable chance to develop and assemble a relationship with general society since the organization is dependent on an association with the general population.

For methodologies to use in inside qualities to limit your outside dangers, they must be illustrated to consider inward qualities to limit the organizations outer dangers. They are classified as such on account of progress is altogether an after effect of how much exertion the office places into executing the change. The execution of the endeavours is additionally founded on perceiving the effect the execution can have on people in general as it connects with transportation. Local area working from inside is a need to likewise address the work that is expected to fabricate local area with the general population and to be viable in its execution.

For the situation including techniques that use outer chances to relieve inner shortcomings, a diagram referring to the eccentricism needs to come from the connection from those external the office. The commitment of planned sway, the execution and local area building are themes that possibly include commitment with the local area both open authorities and additionally the public that transportations impacts.


Information position in particular classes is significant and appropriate since it includes of different themes tended to for various elements that beginning from the staff, public, the whole way to political pioneers. The association’s arrangement of force as well as honours is reflected by the SFMTA’s ongoing frameworks that give a portrayal of an industry depending on funds and staffs means to keep activities running in a smooth way. General societies alongside partnered organizations are the best recipients from the qualities that exist. In any case, it is impressive to propose that the representatives are other huge advocates lined up with work accessibility defenders. Blends of general society, representatives, notwithstanding the organizations are ideal recipients lined up with the shortcomings. Concerning the staff, the principal benefit comes from professional stability while general society has the honour of making fundamental gripes in regards to what they need whenever they wish. The organizations get subsidizing through government to guarantee the essential fixes.

Action Planning and Execution

The association has a promise to ensure that the labourer is capable about the task that is required. The continuous procedure of the association is to spread out a specialist that is familiar with the standards, methodologies and the shows that are mean quite a bit to ensure the goal for the workplace. It is in like manner mandatory that the workplace has the open stuff. The stuff integrates the course material, the various tutors that are supposed to lead planning while not influencing standard help.


It is questionable that the bleeding edge staffs are generally troubled because of the reality they need to work under conditions paying little heed to how harsh they might appear. Forefront staffs are under huge strain to guarantee that they convey the best administrations regardless of working under less positive working environment conditions. Examination on the expected and potentially negative results arising out of the association’s work uncovers various elements causing recognizable effects. The ramifications range from staffing worries that spin around enrolment alongside maintenance processes. Others impacts incorporate traffic, mishaps, standard vehicle breakdowns, metro delays, notwithstanding hardware glitches set off by the absence of new parts.

High Mission Impact/Low Profitability

High Mission Impact/High Profitability

Low Mission Impact/Low Profitability

Low Mission Impact/High Profitability

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