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PM Week 3 DQ & DQR

Answer discussion question and respond to other discussion questions
6/19/22, 2:52 PM 3-1 Discussion: Elements of Scope Statements – QSO-640-X5527 Project Management 22TW5 1/3
3-1 Discussion: Elements of Scope Statements

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QSO-640-X5527 Project Management 22TW5 TM
According to Larson and Gray in Project Management: The Managerial Process, the project scope
is essential for integrating all elements of the project management plan. Discuss the elements
that should be included in the scope statement.
In responding to your peers, compare and contrast scope statements and offer suggestions on
how statements can be improved.
To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.
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Kelly Thompson > Elements of Scope Statement
Kelly Thompson posted Jun 19, 2022 1:23 PM Subscribe
Simply put the project scope is the sum of all project work.
A scope statement is a document that defines all the elements of the project scope. Your project scope
statement will play a role as the primary tool for stakeholders and colleagues to refer to and use as a
guideline to accurately measure project success.
The Project Scope Statement Outline (Landau, 2022):
1. Project Goals and Objectives
a. Project goals and objectives are what define the purpose of a project.
2. Project Requirements
a. This lists project requirements such as the expected quality, risk, benefits, and cost,
among others and is approved by PM/Stakeholders.
6/19/22, 2:52 PM 3-1 Discussion: Elements of Scope Statements – QSO-640-X5527 Project Management 22TW5 2/3
3. Project Scope Description
a. This is a breakdown of all work that needs to be with the Project.
4. Project Exclusions
a. This is a list of everything the project does not include.
5. Project Constraints
a. This lists any project constraints such as time, money, scope, risks, resources, etc.
6. Project Assumptions
a. Your project assumptions typically revolve around the very things that end up being
constraints, including time, money, and scope.
7. Project Deliverables
a. List out the deliverables your team members need to produce to meet business objectives.
The project scope statement should be kept short, clear, use layman’s terms, and answer all questions.
Landau, P. (2022, January 18). Project Scope Statement: Include These 7 Things. Retrieved from PM
3-1 Discussion: Elements of Scope Statements
Theodor Tenhagen posted Jun 18, 2022 11:59 PM Subscribe
Hi All!
The scope statement is one of the more important documents that the Project Manager will create
at the beginning of the project since it will be referred back to whenever a stakeholder or team
member has questions about the project. The scope statement should include an outline of the
entire project which would include a list of all the deliverables and what the details behind them
are, the major objectives of the project, the stakeholders involved, and the end goals of the
Also, when writing the scope statement there should be a certain format that is followed. The first
portion of the scope statement is the justification, which explains the reasoning behind starting
the project. The next portion should be the scope description. This portion is where the PM goes
high level and states what is within the scope of the project and what is not, giving the team
boundaries to work within and setting the expectations of the stakeholders. After that comes the
portion on business objectives, where the PM defines the outcomes that should be achieved by
the project. The next two portions work together since they are the project deliverables and the
project exclusions. In these sections, the PM states what will be completed by the team
members in order to complete the business objective and what the team members will not be
completing in the project. Following those two steps comes the constraints which would typically
consist of the time the team has to complete the project, the budget for the project, and the scope
6/19/22, 2:52 PM 3-1 Discussion: Elements of Scope Statements – QSO-640-X5527 Project Management 22TW5 3/3
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of the project. All of these factors are interconnected and need to be balanced in order to
successfully complete the project. The final portion of the scope statement should be the project
assumptions. This section is where the PM lists out some of the specific factors the team needs
for the project to be successful like ‘Customer service team A will be trained by a certain time’ or
‘Engineering team members will be available for product testing’.
Landau, P. (2021, June 15). Project scope statement: Include these 7 things. Retrieved June 19,
2022, from
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Project Scope Statement: Include These 7 Things


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