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Motivational Interviewing Report
Assessment type;
Motivational Interviewing Report
Word limit/length; 2000 words
Learning Outcomes
3. Any potential barriers at the neurophysiological, individual, interpersonal, organisational levels and how these barriers could be overcome.
4. apply motivational interviewing knowledge and strategies to facilitate coconstructed c
Review the following video of a simulated Motivational Interview (MI). Take note of what features of motivational interviewing are employed and what opportunities the interviewer had to use motivational interviewing but didn’t.

Provide a reflection on the clinical interview process. Consider what the interviewer has done well, what aspects of Motivational interviewing does the interviewer still need to focus on.
Also reflect on how the simulated client responded to the MI approach and what could have been done differently to promote behaviour change in that context.
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Assignment 3 Rubric
Criteria; Reflection
Mark; 40%;
Response demonstrates an in-depth reflection of the theories and concepts presented in the course materials. Viewpoints and interpretations are insightful and well supported. Clear, detailed examples are provided.
Criteria; Motivational Interviewing Techniques
Mark; 25%;
Demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of MI and how to apply concepts in practice. Clear examples are provided.
Criteria; Client Response
Mark 25%
Demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the client perspective in response to MI techniques. Clear examples are provided.
Criteria; Writing
Mark; 10%
Report contains excellent academic writing style. It is very well organised and consistent. Contains very limited spelling and grammar errors.

Video Transcript for ASS 3
Normal font client / Peter or Randy?
I’m doing well. How are you doing?
So, how’s your week been? I know that we met last week at the initial intake, and how do you feel like that went?
It went ok, It went a whole lot better than what I expected. I’m gonna be super, super awkward coming in here and telling you my problems and having you listen to them all. But I appreciated how well you listened in the comfort from the place the surroundings really nice, does make me I just felt welcomed into this establishment.
Good so I’m glad you felt that way. So tell me about this past week. How have you been? How has work been?
All right. Works been pretty slow. Dragging on last two days because I guess I did not feel like going. My boss is mad at me he sent an email that said -I need to come back here before I came to worknext time I was on shift and I am kind of worried about losing my job.
That’s understandable. So why haven’t you been to work?
I have just not been motivated to go I guess
Any underlying issues, maybe your Substance use has affected you not to go.
Maybe as I have been using everyday 25 to $50 worth, which isn’t a lot but at the same time I just like to use it. But after I do use itI have no intentions on going to work, and I guess that’s the part of where my problem stems from.
Do you feel that if you lost your job that would put a big financial strain on you?
Yeah, I would say if I lost my job then I am screwed if I lost my job I wouldn’t be able to support my habits or my hobbies.
So. So how are you with your financial issue right now as you said it’s been about 25 to $50 a day. I know that has to be making an impact in the bank. Are you doing anything to get money?
Ah yeah. I’ve been getting rid of some old stuff I don’t really need like I got rid of my stereo system for my car and not that I didn’t want itI just don’t feel like I need it and I’m trying to cut down with some of the stuff in my house. So I pawned it got a couple 100 bucks out of it and put some of it away in a little place I keep it in my house and get cocaine with the other amount of it. Also I pawned a couple of my guitars and some of my grandma’s jewellery, so I’ve been getting by I guess.
So. Do you feel like any of those areas that you mentioned like work, finances and your substance abuse that you would like to address in particular? I could change in …
I mean, I guess I’d like to make a change in all of them. I mean, I’d like to start going to work every day. I’d like to get promoted someday soon; I mean I would like to fix, I assume everyone wants to have more money. And me as well, I’d like to fix my financial situation. The cocaine use, it’s hard to say, but I probably need to stop doing it.
So you you have the motivation. You feel like you’re getting to that point where you want to start making that change to maybe cut down on your cocaine use, even stop, right?
Yes. Yes. Hopefully, eventually I can quit.
Okay. What do you feel like maybe your strengths would be to maybe stopping that that may be improving maybe in all the areas that you talked about.
Strengthen myself, you’re saying. I guess strengthen myself I have a good drive when I find something that I want that I like actually want to do clear-cut. Um. I tend to stay very motivated when I have a set goal something that I can put my attention towards. And um with the drive and the attention to detail I feel like I can get it done if I’d stick to it long enough.
So you’ve named a lot of strengths (?Peter) but also like really good things in helping youtrying to stay motivated, then push towards those goals. What do you feel mainly is your weakness in making that change.
Um, I would sayweaknesses are I really like doingdrugs, so there’s always a weakness to quit something you like very, very much. I would say I guess peer pressure in a way, all my friends are drug addicts. If I’m not, they might make fun of me, you know? Um I feel like family could be a weakness and I guess it could be a strength too. I forgot to say it kind of motivates me, but not in a way where it’s like complete strength, I guess. I just want to do better despite them so it helps me move forward but I’m just doing it in spite of them anyway.
What do you feel like your main motivation personally would be to change? I know that you’re saying that your family is a strength, but your kind of seeking treatment despite them
Um, I guess my main personal motivation would be, the goals that I want to achieve with my life and improving my financial situation. Those would probably be my two biggest goals that I would want to do.
Ok. What do you see? What do you what would be something good that would be a result of making that change. That you feel like what would be good?
Something good that would be a result? I guess if I went to work more and stop being lazy, and you know maybe I would get promoted and I’d be the boss. Instead of the boss being upset at me, I would be upset with somebody else maybe. Maybe I would just move up in the world in my job scope. Maybe, definitely if I didn’t use cocaine um I’d have a lot more extra cash(she talks over top … that would definitely help),today that would definitely help my financial situation and they say money can’t make you happy, but if you have money, they usually happier. So.
That’s true. So you’ve named a lot of good things that can be involved in making that change, what would you feel would be a con of making a change?
I guess the con would be how hard it is. I like to avoid stress when I can and it’s stress that I’m putting on myself. I think it would make it harder. That would be the con, the difficulty of the task that I’m trying to achieve.
Yeah, I know that we talked about last week that you went about two weeks without using cocaine and that’s the longest stretch you’ve been. And do you feel like facing discomfort and withdrawal is something that you don’t want to face is something of a con?
Oh yeah, definitely be a con. When I went through that two-week span high school whoo! I was irritable. I was lazy you know every time I would take a shower and the water was luke warm I would then get extremely mad because it wasn’t as hot as I wanted. You know what I’m saying? I would just get extremely irritable.
I know that we’ve talked about the good things about making a change and the bad things that you feel could be a result of making a change? The importance here is that, and we worked towards your goals here, okay, and I know that you have a lot of goals that you want to achieve and a lot of important things that you want to happen in your life and the importance is that we’ve worked towards abstinence when you’re ready and we pushed towards talking about your goals every time that you come here and modifying your plan to fit that. And I have some stuff here for you today about financial classes that we are going to offer, and some information about cocaine use that you might not be aware of. Then you might want to take a look. If there’s any questions about this on your free time you can talk to me about the next time you are here. And I hope you’ll take opportunities andlook at that and have you read up on some stuff and it can be really beneficial. I’m really, really have enjoyed the financial classes personally and I mean I think they’re a great asset to have especially when I mean you don’t know where your money is going and or how to budget your money.
All right, so we’re going to talk more about what you can do to make that change in your life. So what is something daily that you feel like you can make a change. And you can either do financially or your substance use or even your job.
Um, I guess if I made changes in in all aspects of my life. The job I could obviously go every day um I like to be lazy and not go to work sometimes and …
What could you do there, on a daily basis to motivate yourself so you go to work?
Um, I guess I could just get in a routine of going. Once you start going it kind of comes like a downhill slope and you just become like a drone I guess and you’re just wake-up without alarm clocks and all that good stuff so I guess I just got to start doing that to get that ball rolling. As far as financial wise I can put back more money, it’s as hard as it would be maybe I could check into savings account instead of the stash under my bed or whatever it’s at under my bed (don’t look there um –
. Anyways maybe check into like a checking some kinda I’m not really savvy and all that stuff …
Well, the financial classes that might be something you look into; I can help you with
Yeah, I can check those out. I’m sure like the way this is going now I would definitely be willing to check those out
okay so we talked about work and financials, so what can you change your substance use on a daily basis?
Um Iguess I could start cutting back, you know, trying to do less.
How much do you feel like you’re doing a day, you did once twice
You said you were doing it everyday a week.
So. On a normal day, I would say two – three times a day.
It depends on what I’m doing that day. And. How I’m feeling and what’s going on, you know.
Is there anything that common triggers you to maybe use more? Maybe stress at work or Oh yeah,
I know that you talked about selling your your grandmother jewellery. I’m sure that’s a that’s something you really wish you wouldn’t have done. But what could that have been a stressor?
Yeah I guess it could have been a stressor I got kind of upset about it, but I didn’t mean it to happen so I could have the money who knows I mean, it’s definitely a stressor, but. Job wise, I guess my boss stresses me out sometimes. Usually when I have a bad day with him, I do alittle more cocaine than I normally do, so he’s definitely stressors or as well
Ok so we talked about daily changes and what do you feel like maybe long term future changes you could you could see yourself doing?
Long term future changes I guess quitting drugs overall would be a long term future change. If I get to do that, that would be really cool. I’d be really happy with that. I know it’s going to be really hard and at the time I won’t really want to do it, but I think that will make me happy in the end. Um also I guess if I got promoted that would be really cool, I’d like to be the boss someday you know
So these changes that you’re talking about that could ultimately determine your future and overall how do you picture your future how do you imagine your future?
Are we talking about perfect world here
However you imagine.
I guess I’d be satisfied with my bosses job, he’s a … I worked at IBM as a network as a network specialist I work with computers and stuff like that, but he’s a manager of I guess art (? Our) division of IBM, and it would be pretty cool to have his job he’s not too high up on the home totem pole, but he’s not to low up on it either. I guess doing that would be a satisfactory place where I would see myself in the future. That would give me more money I’d be financially stable I quit doing drugs. I’d have all kinds of money and I have the job, that would be a happy world.
Yeah. So, I talked about a lot today. Just want to go back over some important things and your main motivation that you feel like it’s going to make the best change in your life and to ultimately affect your treatment here – for better treatment.
So your saying pick one?
No. Say whatever you think is your main motivation that we can work towards in our sessions.
Oh I guess my parents would not be the number one motivation, but probably a big motivation um ….
Would you like to get closer to your parents?
um. Yes. Yes and no, I mean they’re your parents, I always rebelled against my parents, but it would be nice to know that they were proud of me, noticing the changes that I was, that I’m going through inmy life, hopefully I’ll continue to go through and I guess also for them to really show that they care, you know they’re not just seeing it, but they care. They care about it and are happy for me.
Well, we can offer family counselling and introduce them into what we do here and if that would be something you would want to look into.
Ok I guess it would be cool, maybe cool if they could sit in like one of these.
We could share information, kind of inform them more about your substance use because a lot of time families are cut on the outskirts and I don’t know what necessarily you’re going through or what you have felt personally. And that will be a time for them to listen and kind of hear from me and hear from you about what you’re going through and how you feel and what we can do as a group to motivate each other and how you can motivate yourself plans, the changes you need from them. Then the changes they want to see you.
Okay I guess it would be cool, might be awkward as I kind of haven’t seen my parents in a while, but if we can set that up I might be willing to give it a try, you know.
We’ve talked about a lot of things today. Is there anything that you would like to talk about? Anything else that’s going on?
I definitely like to look in to look into this financial counselling that you’ve given me. I guess other than the financial counselling, I guess that’s about it. I can’t really think of anything else.
I hope I can see you again next week and that you will continue to think about what we talked about today and the motivation that you have right now will push you through the next coming weeks and months and push you towards achieving your goals that you told me today.
Alright. Sounds good. See you next week
Ok see you next week Randy
Thank you
You’re welcome.
Those that did well:
• Had a structure
• e.g. Title, introduction, background / best practice, Critique of practitioner technique, Client response, Missed Opportunities
• e.g. Title, Introduction, Deconstructing the MI Session / Reflection, The Client Response, Consideration for future sessions, Conclusion
• e.g. Introduction, The Interview Breakdown, Motivational Interviewing Techniques, Critique & Reflection (Spirit of MI, Guiding Principles), Conclusion
• Quoted from the transcript sparingly or not at all / Avoided simply saying the therapist said… (Analysis rather than description)
• Kept evaluative statements such as “the therapist was good or bad” to a minimum and did not forensically examine communication strategies;
• Had referenced key authoritative sources on MI and clearly demonstrated understanding of the spirit of MI and guiding principles;
• Noted points were there was a marked deviation from the spirit of MI on the part of the interviewer;
• Kept well within the word count.
Motivational Interviewing – Good Example – Alan Lyme

a social worker at the Family Health
Center dr. Sheila asked me if I would
spend some time with you today
I’m really glad that you here I’m just
curious as to why he would send you to
me well I came to see dr. Steele last
week because of increasing stress and
anxiety that’s kind of getting the best
of me and in the course of my
appointment with him he was asking how I
was dealing with that stress and I
mentioned that my one or two glasses of
wine a few nights a week is turning into
more frequent in maybe three or four on
some nights and he had some concerns
about that and and felt like maybe you
could help me with stress or something
yeah so he he actually see me because he
went to him for increased stress and
he’s concerned that your alcohol
consumption may be a part of that
increase and prior to prescribing you
anything you want to make sure that you
had someone to talk to about that I
suppose okay I saw you filled in one of
the pink sheets might take a little bit
he told me to fill that out and bring it
with me okay thank you so you say here
that you have four or more drinks in one
week you mentioned that you may be
increasing that a little bit as well um
and that you have one or two drinks in
one setting typically yeah and maybe
monthly you have more than that what
what’s what kind of drinks do you have
what do you drink we need to drive wine
with my meals
um you know again one or two typically
and more frequently three or four so my
stress is increased so starting to
increase this times drink a little more
okay well based on what you put here you
give it gives you six points on this
scale scale ranges from zero to forty so
six points will put you in what we
consider an at-risk zone so if it’s okay
with you lots to talk a bit about that
okay so that was sunset run zero to
forty it’s not it’s not a super high
risk but it certainly could be a risk
for maybe increasing stress maybe some
physical Emmas related to alcohol
well could start to show up if you were
to increase your drinking from there or
you can stay there this is a typical
standard drink size over here I’m not
sure whether that fits your description
of a glass of wine a lot I fill the
glass up so maybe a little more than
yeah maybe the little space that it’s
upside to drink drink and a half each
one so that also increased a little bit
more so perhaps maybe drinking more than
you indicated on here and for women you
healthy woman your age no more than
three drinks in one setting is
considered to be lower or no-risk and
1/7 in one week so in total how much
total in the week and what you say here
is that even on this sheet you’re
perhaps already drinking more than that
so what do you make of all that well
that news to me you know I thought red
wine with your meals is supposed to be
healthy and you know no more than seven
in a week that seems kind of prohibitive
yeah it seems it seems a little less
than perhaps you’ve been drinking with
what you consider to be healthy drinking
and certainly there’s this conflicting
information out there about what’s
healthy what’s not healthy imagine the
increased stresses what because we’re
concerned or to seal as your stresses
increases and if you were to prescribe
you anything maybe some interaction
between the two but also build and serve
them I would think so if you would what
is it that you like about alcohol well
you know it does at least in the moment
temporarily reduce my stress and I you
know like a good glass of wine I don’t
don’t drink the cheap stuff I like the
expensive what so you like the taste of
it mm-hmm and it does help to lower the
stress signal which is for that time
you’re drinking one of those so good
things about alcohol for you um well you
know the nights that maybe I have a
couple more glasses than I should I wake
up feeling kind of yuck and of course
part of my stress is finances and I
mentioned I like the good stuff and so
if I’m drinking more than I’m increasing
my financial burden yeah so your
financial stress may be increased by the
fact that you’re drinking yeah kind of
defeating the purpose there 22 the
drinking to do stress and increasing
so the one hand it lowers it on the
other hand it’s increasing kind of a
seesaw teeter-totter effect then what do
you make of that give them that on one
hand it lowers and the other had it
increases and now it’s increasing even
more maybe I need to find some other way
to deal with my stress yeah imagine
you’ve had some thoughts of that what
have you thought of trying well I’ve
exercised in the past and that helps
right now my schedule is kind of out of
whack and I just really don’t know what
to do that’s why I came to see dr.
Steele I thought maybe he can prescribe
me something that would help me you know
when I’m feeling overwhelmed and he may
be able to I’m not saying that he cannot
I’m just imagine that he’s concerned
that if you continue to drink on the
level that you are drinking that
whatever he prescribes you there may be
an interaction with the to imagine that
she’s concerned I’m not completely sure
so you’ve had some success in the past
with changing behaviors and if you were
to decide to make any changes here it
sounds like you could drop all that to
make those changes how important would
it be for you on a scale of 0 through 10
i below the visual here with that if
zero is not important tennis is very
important to do something about your
drinking way mm-hmm well I mean if if it
means that it’s increasing my stress and
or he’s not going to prescribe me
anything because of my drinking then
it’s fairly important maybe about a 7
mm-hmm let’s put it up there why do you
choose a 7 or a 504 well again I’ve got
to get things under control you know my
kids are depending on me and I’ve got to
go to work to help ease this financial
stress and so you know all those
responsibilities there’s a lot riding on
your decision in what to do this what if
anything will bring up too late online
on that scale
um well the you know the risk that you
mentioned about the drug interaction I
certainly can’t afford to you know have
any more stress
yeah so so you choose to lower your
stress rather than increase it and if lo
and your drinking would have that effect
that something be willing to do right
now how confident are you that you could
do something about your drinking I’m
pretty confident and you know probably
about a seven or eight okay so it’s
pretty hot up there again and what if
what if anything would you choose to do
would be to cut down with a bit to quit
just in case but you know I like I said
like a good glass of wine I don’t want
to quit altogether
I’d be willing to try cutting that but
you know if it’s going to if doctor seal
would agree to prescribe me something
for the anxiety and it meant that I had
to not drink at all I’d be willing to do
that at least for a period of time so
you’d be willing to stop altogether
that’s what was indicated by the
physician okay so so based on that how
ready are you to do anything right now
whether it’s to cut back whether it is
to quit well again you know if I can get
something to help me manage if maybe I
can find some other way to deal with the
stress then then you know I be pretty
ready I again maybe about in on that
scale maybe an eighth okay so that’s
that’s pretty hot there as well it
sounds is that you’ll be pretty
motivated to do something about this
right now given your responsibilities
given your children relying at this
point and just on on lowering anxiety in
general it sounds and that’s one of your
goals as well well I’m pretty confident
that once you decide to do whatever it
is you decide to do you’ll be able to
follow through that based on your
experience in the past of of making
behavior changes imagine some things
that you can draw upon what’s one thing
that you could do imagine you thought of
some things might help to lower your
stress well I you know the the exercise
but again that’s that’s kind of
difficult to fit in right now hoping
that dr. seal will prescribe something
for me to take when I’m feeling
particularly overwhelmed and maybe just
having somebody to talk to to bounce
some things off of one of the things we
can’t offer here is for you to come in
and talk to one of our behavioral health
specialists may be able to help you talk
talk through this there’s a terrible
stress and sound like responsibility
there and we can make a point for you if
you like before you leave today dad talk
to someone that’d be nice right it also
has some information here if you’re
interested some a pamphlet on alcohol
and and how what healthy limits are and
how it may be affected by medications
that you took as well and I wish you
lots of luck it sounds as though you
really committed to making this shift in
this change and imagined doctors still
wanna fight with you and see how you do
with your with your change within a few
weeks again I look forward to speaking
to in the future all right thank you
very much you’re welcome
Motivational Interviewing: A Bad Example (Presenter: Alan Lyme)

The assignment starts in an engaging way: it introduces the behaviour problem that can be seen in a certain segment of the overall population. Just be mindful that it is good to end an introductory paragraph with a brief introduction of how the assignment is structured.
The paragraph that then follows provides a ‘grant’ overview of the problem of substance use in young people, and the health issues that this could lead to. The intervention that you suggest should be considered for helping young people overcoming substance use behaviours, is motivational interviewing. Good to start this section with a brief description of what this intervention is about and what its core principles are. You then do a good job in outlining the positive impact that this intervention could generate when it is used in helping young people overcoming their substance use.
You have done an excellent job in reflecting on how the effectiveness of MI in treating substance use in young adults can be explained through the lens of a variety of theories on behaviour change. There is a great interplay between the sharing of insights regarding each theory and how these could apply in the context of delivering MI.
The section on barriers, is lacking behind; more could have been said regarding a variety of factors that might frustrate young people’s engagement with MI. For example, the substance use itself can be such a factor, as when a person is under the influence of a substance this would impact on their willingness and capacity to take part in therapy sessions. Another factor might be that this specific group of people grow up in environments where other people continue using substances; it is difficult to break with substance use behaviours in case family and friends are not willing to give up these behaviours.
Good to wrap-up the assignment with a conclusion; it adequately connects the dots of what got discussed throughout the assignment.
Your assignment looks neat in its presentation, is written in fluent language, and is accurately referenced. A few hiccups are highlighted in online comment
Your assignment looks neat in its presentation, is written in fluent language, and is accurately referenced. A few hiccups are highlighted in inline comments.

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