Posted: August 23rd, 2021


Intervening with individuals experiencing symptoms of disorders relating to mood can be challenging. It is especially important to be able to identify the symptoms of the correct disorder so that you can work with the individual in the appropriate manner. This assignment will help you to differentiate between different disorders related to mood, and become familiar with intervention techniques.
Choose two disorders related to mood.
Create a 2– to 4-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to discuss the disorder. Include the following for each case
Need Introductions wth speaker notes
Outline the diagnostic criteria and symptoms that are present in the case.  .

Bob graduated high school a few years ago with all his friends and then got a job at a local grocery store which according to his parents he was successfully employed at for a year and a half. Bob parents report that all of sudden Bob started behaviors of being late, missing work, staying in his room all day, sleeping a lot more and not even wanting to go hang out with his friends. After several months of these behaviors Bob ended up losing his job and his parents became very worried about him but Bob insisted that he was fine and just wanted to be left alone. 
After a few weeks of his parents worrying, it was like Bob became a whole new person who was motivated to get looking for another job, helped his parents out more around the house and stayed out often driving around town and hanging out with his friends. Bob was having fun, he started drinking more, meeting random girls at clubs and getting into fights. One night Bob was hanging out with his friends, Bob started accusing his best friend of stealing his money and began pushing him around. Bob’s friend insisted that he did not take his money which made Bob angry and Bob picked up a vase nearby and smashed it over his friends head. Bob went to jail and an assessment was done concluding that Bob has bi-polar disorder. 
Scenario 2
Joe is a thirty four male who is in prison for burglary charges, reckless driving, unlawful use of a deadly weapon, and public nuisance. Joe received these charges when he drove his car into a gun shop window, grabbed a gun and then ran out into the middle of the street stopping traffic where he fell to his knees holding the gun to his throat until the officers arrived and stopped him from pulling the trigger. Joe reports that he did those things because he missed his wife and kid and felt like he did not want to go on without them. Joe reported that his wife left him for another man and that he felt his temper and drinking may have been the cause. 
Joe reported that his wife and he were very happy at one time until Joe started to spend more time at work then at home and being in the same routine of work and then home began giving him headaches. Joe and his wife would fight all the time because all Joe wanted to do when he was home was sleep and would not make time for family activities. Joe noticed that he started to be irritated by all the things that his wife did, often found himself angered by her and would end up just wanting to escape. Joe suffers from having depression disorder. 

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