Posted: September 19th, 2022

pratice definition

1. What are the 2 major types of body defenses and their subtypes

2. What is Major Histocompatibility Complex?

3. What are the eosinophils involved in?

4. Where are the blood cells formed?

5. Describe the 2 types of white blood cells explaining each of their kinds of cells.

6. What’s the difference between B cells and T cells?

7. What is the Hangeman Factor?

8. What is chemotaxis?

9. Describe the kinin system.

10. In your own words, explain the sequence of events of the inflammatory response.

11. What are the typical signs of an inflammatory response? Give me their words in Latin and the meaning of those words.

12. What are complement proteins?

13. What are the types of T cells, and what are they responsible for?

14. How are antibodies formed?

15. Which is the order of release of the 5 immunoglobulins (Igs)?

16. What are interferons and what are they responsible for?

17. Describe interleukins, including their importance

18. What is the interrelationship of the immune and inflammatory responses?

19. What is TNF?

20. What are neoplasms?

21. Explain the viral invasion of human cells.

22. What are autoimmune diseases? Give 2 examples.

23. When a person gets a transplanted organ and it doesn’t work well, what is the name of that reaction?

24. What is the difference between antigen and antibody?

25. What are the macrophages responsible for?

26. What are mast cells and phagocytes?

27. What 5 types of cells are produced by the myelocytes?

28. What is MPS?

29. Describe leukotrienes.

30. What is chrysotherapy? When is it used, and how well-tolerated is it?

31. Explain the differences between anti-inflammatory x antipyretic x analgesic agents.

32. What is the meaning of NSAID?

33. Give an example of a salicylate.

34. What is “salicylism”?

35. What is the most common type (prototype) of NSAID?

36. What are COX-1 and COX-2, and which type of drug blocks their effect?

37. What is one of the most common adverse effects of Ibuprofen?

38. What is Tylenol?

39. Describe Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs.

40. Describe the sites of action of the various immune modulators.

41. What do the immune stimulants and the immune suppressors do?

42. What are monoclonal antibodies?

43. Explain recombinant DNA technology.

44. Name the different sites of action of the immune modulators.

45. What are colony-stimulating factors?

46. What is another indication of the drug Aspirin? Why?

47. What is the difference between vaccines and sera?

48. When are immunoglobulins used?

49. What is “serum sickness”?

50. What does MMR mean?

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