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Please create two presentations with speaker notes. Due by 6/11, 11:59PM PST.
For each presentation:
6-7 slides including the introduction and conclusion;
Reference page not included in the above page requirements.
Presentation 1:
Research in advance Hypothesis Testing Methods, e.g. z-test, t-test, chi-square test, ANOVA and choose one that interests you the most. Discuss the advantage, application, or the steps of this method with one real-industry example.
Presentation 2:
Prepare a presentation based on your answers to the Video Case Questions from the attachment.
information systemstatistics

Management Information Systems 14e
CASE 2 Groupon: Deals Galore
(a)The Real Deal With Groupon
URL; L=12:42
(b)Introducing Groupon Now!
URL; L=1:00
SUMMARY:Groupon is the leading daily-deals site on the Internet, with nearly 50 million subscribers.
In 2011 it was the fastest growing company in the history of the Internet, but in 2012
it imploded to be one of the fastest falling stocks on Wall Street. Groupon Now! is a
Groupon location-based service that fnds local deals you can buy and use immediately
using your mobile phone. It is also used by merchants to attract customers during their
least busy hours.It is one of several new initiatives from Groupon as it seeks to expand
beyond the vulnerable daily-deals marketspace.
CASE Groupon’s business model is based on the theory that everyone loves a great deal. Groupon
is a popular “deal of the day” Web site ofering discounted gift certifcates usable at local or
national companies. Each day Groupon e-mails its subscribers discounted ofers for goods
and services that are targeted by location and personal preferences. Consumers can also
access its deals directly through its Web sites and mobile applications.
Customers purchase Groupons from the company and redeem them with afliated
merchants. The discounts are huge—usually 50 to 90 percent of. But there’s a catch: A deal

becomes available only if a certain number of people sign up for a specifc daily Groupon
ofer. If the predetermined minimum is not met, no one gets the deal that day. This reduces
risk for retailers, who can treat the coupons as quantity discounts as well as sales promotion
tools. Groupon makes money by keeping approximately half the money the customer pays
for the coupon.
Groupon personalizes “deals” for users who supply some information about themselves,
such as their zip code, gender, and age—and it will make sure you see the deals most
relevant to you. Subscribers who opt for personalization still receive information about their
location’s featured deal of the day as well, and they can also pass along deals to their friends
via e-mail or broadcast them to their social networks.
Groupon Now! is Groupon’s service for mobile users. Subscribers can buy Groupon Now!
deal vouchers on a mobile touch site,, or through the iPhone or Android
app. Most Groupon Now! deals are only valid for a few hours and have a limited quantity.
This is how Groupon Now! works for customers:
1. The user enters his or her location to fnd deals nearby. The user chooses
the type of deal he or she would like to see.
2. If the user fnds a deal he or she likes, that person “buys” the deal online
via Groupon. The user can print the voucher or bring it up to display on a
mobile device.
3. The user presents the Groupon Now! deal voucher to the merchant within the
specifed time frame and receives a discounted “deal” on movies, restaurants, or
retail items.
For merchants, Groupon Now makes it easy for them to launch discounts and special ofers
during the times when they are least busy.
Groupon grew to $500 million in revenue in just three years, faster than eBay or Amazon,
and now ofers more than 1,000 deals each day in over 48 countries. However, since going
public in November 2011, Groupon’s stock has fallen about 70 percent, owing to high busi-
ness costs and a failure to lock in repeat transactions with merchants and customers.
Groupon also faces increased competition from both and Google, which
started their own daily deal businesses. Google ofered to buy Groupon for $5 billion in 2011,
but was rebufed. Groupon has attempted to move beyond the group coupon business, into
the selling of goods (Groupon Goods) and Groupon Payments (a mobile payment service).
In 2012 it rolled out Breadcrumb, a point-of-sale iPad application for hospitality businesses,
like restaurants and bars, to manage transactions. The goal, Groupon executives have said, is
to turn the company into the back-end engine for local commerce. Groupon generated $3.1

billion in revenue in 2016, about the same as 2015, and lost $183 million. Analysts are not
impressed.Groupon’s stock has fallen from $30 a share fve years ago to $5 a share in 2017.
Analysts are not convinced that Groupon can ever become an successful online retailer
and compete against Amazon, or a mobile payment system that can compete against
PayPal. Even in the coupon voucher business, it faces stif competition, including Facebook.
Some analysts argue that its business model is not based on an innovative Web solution
for fnding customers, but revolves around a sales force in Chicago that calls merchants to
propose voucher marketing programs. In the Internet age, a sales force turns out to be very
1. What are the weaknesses of Groupon’s business model described in the videos?
2. What features of contemporary e-commerce does Groupon Now! utilize?
3. What value does this service provide subscribing merchants? What value does it provide
4. What kinds of businesses are most likely to beneft from using Groupon?
5. Visit Groupon’s Web site and enter your zip code. What kinds of deals are displayed?
Would you use Groupon? Why or why not?
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