Posted: March 11th, 2023


DB #3 _ in Module 5

Instruction: I need answer for this classmate and also

Discuss a situation where an activity or game has helped you learn a concept.

As a sub teacher, I sub all the grades starting from 3K – 12 grade. I learn a lot from students and teachers. One of the wonderful games I learned is memorization games. But while I watch the game my brain started creating another game using just the concept of that game. So the game that the teacher was playing with the fruits. She put 6 fruits on the rug and then she was asking the students to close their eyes. While they were closing their eyes she was taking away one fruit and then asking them to open their eyes. Then she was asking which fruit is missing. While I watch this game I had another idea of this game. Why not right? So, what I did were memorization and concentration game. The next day I played this game with Pre-K students. First I explained to them the rules of the games I put 6 fruits on the rug and then I asked them to look at the fruits for 5 minutes and then to close their eyes. While the students closed their eyes I changed the spots of the fruits. Then I asked them to open their eyes and check if the fruits were in the same spots. They start laughing at first then they all get engaged and start helping each other to remember where each fruit is. Watching someone doing an activity or a game always helps me to come up with new ideas. I love creating from one game another new game just changing the concept or etc. Those kinds of games also help me to boost my memory and be more concentrated.




1. Do you think that the teachers should have more than one idea of how to deliver the lesson?

2. Can you share if you ever learned anything new from a child or student?

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