Posted: August 6th, 2022

Project Charter- Initiating Project

Please see attached Files

BADM 634 – Initiating the Project
Final Project Charter – Individual

Compile/Develop a Project Charter similar to the one completed during the Residency
Weekend utilizing amended/corrected Problem Sets that you will have completed
throughout the semester based on your selected project.

Your individual Final Project Charter will include:

1. Project Title – You will provide the title you best think fits the project
2. Background – explain the need for this project and overview of the proje ct
3. Business Case – provide your working elevator pitch
4. Stakeholder Register – Use Exhibit 6.4 and Instructions/Instructor Feedback from

Problem Set #3
5. Communication Plan – Use Exhibit 6.9 and Instructions/Instructor Feedback from

Problem Set #3
6. Project Scope Statement /Deliverables with Acceptance Criteria – Use Exhibit 7.4

and Instructions/Instructor Feedback from Problem Set #4
7. WBS with Activities List – Use Exhibit 7.12 and Instructions/Instructor Feedback

from Problem Set #4
8. RACI Chart – Use Exhibit 9.5 and Instructions/Instructor Feedback from Problem Set

9. Risk Register – Use Exhibit 11.9 and Instructions/Instructor Feedback from Problem

Set #6
10. Glossary – Identify all terms from the project charter that you think are not terms

of common knowledge and need additional explanation. Do not list terms required
for Group Project Charter from Residency Weekend. Only list terms from your
Project Charter.

11. Signature Page – Professional signature page to be signed by your six (6) key and
internal stakeholders.

Make corrections to your Problem Sets as provided in grading feedback from the
instructor. This should be completed as the semester continues and not left until the last
week of the semester.

Ensure all inserted charts are legible. You will design this as an official document to be
submitted to the Project Sponsor; so, ensure that it looks profe ssional. You may add any
additional sections, besides those listed, that you think would be beneficial to your overall

Do not include items from Problem Sets that are not part of the Project Charter. This
includes items such as:

1. Element Essay
2. Decision Matrix/Justification
3. Types of Costs
4. Assignment of RACI Roles essay
5. Etc.

You must alternate between portrait and landscape page layout as needed to reflect
tool/chart being utilized. The document must be single-spaced. All tools/charts must start
on their own page and if they should go onto a second page ensure that a row of
information is not split between two (2) pages.

This assignment will be worth 100 points.

You will submit as a single document (in PDF format) by Wednesday, August 17th, no later
than 11:59 PM Eastern Time. The submission portal will be located under the Week 16
Content folder. No late submissions will be accepted!

Final Project Charter – Grading

Here is an explanation of how this final assignment will be graded.

1. Project Title – 5 points
2. Background – 10 points
3. Business Case – 5 points
4. Stakeholder Register – 10 points
5. Communication Matrix – 10 points
6. Project Scope Statement/Deliverables with Acceptance Criteria – 10 points
7. WBS with Activities List – 10 points
8. RACI Chart – 10 points
9. Risk Register – 10 points
10. Glossary – 5 points
11. Signature Page – 5 points
12. Overall Form & Function of Charter – 10 points

a. This is not a section that will be included in your Project Charter. This will be the
overall look, usability, and professionalism of the project charter. This is an
evaluation of your project charter by the instructor.

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