Posted: September 19th, 2022

Project part 1

Who can help assist in a project? 

Hypothesis: I hypothesize that healthcare organizations are able to deliver only 85% of planned
healthcare practices through measurable units of analysis.

– To help make my idea more clear… there is a lot of public admin planning and policy creation
that is attributed to being able to deliver repeated healthcare practices. Of those policies and
practices, I would like to review how hospitals justify measuring that success.

For instance, how are hospitals accredited? Or how do they win awards? What is reviewed to
make these decisions?

I have listed different measurements of analysis that could be reviewed. Please feel free to use
them, others, or a mix of both.

Measurements of Analysis:
– Survival rates
– Mortality rates
– Rates of Recovery
– Readmission Rates
– Process of recovery, including nature of care given.
– Duration of hospital stay.
– Long term consequences of treatment. Good and bad

This assignment doesn’t come with a rubric, it is a free range research paper that will be
developed in steps. Each new task will grow and be refined from the last one. 🙂

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