Posted: September 4th, 2022

project praposal

Make a project proposal related to balance in elderly and write down the objectives.

Special Project Proposal and Objectives for Internship

Due Date: Must be turned in after the first week of your internship. Failure to do so will result in ten points being deducted off your final grade.

* Special Project is mandatory; objectives are part of the evaluation process.



Special Project (20% of your grade). Must be put into WORD or PowerPoint presentation format and turned in at the end of the semester by the deadline. For PowerPoint provide a minimum of 15 slides that does not include the title slide or references. For WORD provide a minimum of 15 pages and no greater than double spaced content. One inch maximum formatting for margins. You may provide pictures and charts but keep in mind that the content and the overall presentation appearance will be part of the grade. Simply providing 15 slides with a single sentence and picture on each will not be acceptable.

You must have at least 3
peer reviewed research studies or Kinesiology related Textbooks as part of your references. Make this project look like 20% of your final grade. Special Project Proposal HERE:

Five objectives for evaluation – must be measurable and specific. Your objectives are the tasks you will be performing. Must state objective and how will measure. Example: Obtain skills to measure blood pressure during exercise and exercise testing. Supervisor will over read BP measurements.






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