Posted: September 19th, 2022

Public Health-Outbreak

See attached

Frontline: Outbreak (50 pts)

Watch the following video:  (

Answer the following questions:

1. What is suspected to have started the outbreak?

Be as specific as possible for full credit
(5 pts)


What two diseases was Ebola initially mistaken for? Why would this misclassification be a problem and exacerbate the public health issue? I am looking for two to three reasons why the misclassification would be a problem. Consider the information in the course on how communicable diseases can be controlled.(10 pts)

3. What did past experiences indicate were the three best ways to contain Ebola? How do these actions help to contain the disease? Be specific for each method, i.e., give a reasoning for why each method helps to contain the disease. (10 pts)

4. Name five reasons why the Ebola epidemic spread and was not contained (there are many more than five that are given throughout the video, but you only need to name five). These can be related to social, cultural, political or economic factors. (15 pts)

5. What communicable disease control methods did you see observed in the video? Identify at least three, and give a brief explanation/description of the control method shown in the video. (10 pts)

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